Testosterone Disorders

Not only build muscle, these are the benefits of the hormone testosterone

– Guess what, what hormones are often identified with men? For those of you who answered the hormone testosterone, the answer is right! The hormone testosterone is known as a hormone that affects libido, muscle mass building, and endurance energy levels. Not only that, this hormone also affects changes in secondary sex characteristics in men at puberty. For example, the voice will become louder.

Even so, this “male” hormone is also owned in the female body, you know. In other words, the hormone testosterone is also produced naturally in a woman’s body. Then, what is the function or benefit of the hormone testosterone for men and women?

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Sex Until Endurance

As explained above, the hormone testosterone is also produced naturally in a woman’s body. Likewise with the hormone estrogen which is often referred to as the female hormone. Then, what is the function of the female hormone testosterone?

1. Regulate Sex Passion

As with men, in women this hormone is also responsible for regulating libido and the pleasure they feel when having sex. According to several studies, women who are deficient in this hormone can make it difficult for themselves to reach orgasm.

2. Build Muscle

There are some women who like to exercise vigorously in order to have stronger muscles. However, if the results are zero, it could be due to low testosterone levels in the body. Because this hormone does function to help synthesize the protein needed to increase muscle mass. In other words, this hormone deficiency will make it difficult for women to build body muscles.

3. Body Resistance

Apart from the two things above, the benefits of the hormone testosterone in women are related to endurance. If your body almost always feels tired, it could be that your body is experiencing a deficiency in this hormone. According to a study from Canada, women who have low testosterone levels tend to feel tired more easily. For example, suppose you are normally able to jog for 40 minutes, but recently have only been strong for 20 minutes.

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Benefits of Testosterone in Men

This hormone actually increases during puberty and reaches its peak when a man is around 20 years old. Well, when the age has entered the head of three, this hormone level will decrease by about one percent each year. Here’s the function of the male hormone testosterone.

  1. Reducing Belly Fat to Attraction

A man’s waist circumference is not only affected by food. Because this condition can also be affected by the levels of this hormone. According to experts, testosterone therapy in a man can affect his waist circumference. According to a professor of medicine and oncology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, United States (US), most studies show a reduction in the amount of belly fat in men who are given testosterone.

Interestingly, testosterone also has a role in the attractiveness of a man. Don’t believe it? According to a study from Wayne State University, USA, high levels of this hormone in the body can make women more attractive to women’s eyes.

2. Affects the Reproductive System

When a boy is a teenager, automatically the production of this hormone will increase in the body. Well, this is what encourages the formation and further changes in Mr. P and testes. At this time, the testes will produce large amounts of sperm every day. Conversely, when the level of testosterone in the body is low, it is possible for men to experience erectile dysfunction.

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3. Sexual Desire

When the formation of Mr. P and testes undergo changes, male adolescents will also experience sexual desire or sexual desire . Increasing the hormone testosterone will also cause changes in the male body and muscles. According to experts, at this time they will get sexual stimulation and even sexual activity. Well, these two things can make the levels of testosterone produced increase.

Apart from the three things above, this hormone also plays a role in:

  • Promotes hair growth on the face and body.
  • Maintain sexual arousal.
  • Maintain bone density.
  • Promotes hair growth on the face and body.
  • Makes the sound louder.
  • Helps sperm production.
  • Maintain fertility.

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