Hypothermia Reproduction Sex

Not Intimate Relationship, This is Skin to Skin Overcome Hypothermia

, – Who doesn’t know the term hypothermia ? This term is a condition when the body’s temperature regulation mechanism has difficulty dealing with cold temperatures in the body. Usually, people with hypothermia will have a body temperature below 35 degrees Celsius. This condition usually occurs due to constant exposure to cold temperatures in the body.

It’s not just cold air, it’s another cause of hypothermia

Is it true that Skin to Skin can overcome hypothermia?

Skin to skin what is meant here is not having sex, huh. Skin to skin can be done by removing all clothes that are attached to the body, then lying next to each other and covered by a blanket. However, this is not the best way to treat hypothermia. In theory, skin to skin is done to transfer body heat from the person to another person. However, when this method is done with someone who is also in cold conditions, the body heat transfer process cannot occur.

This is First Aid to Treat Hypothermia

How To Be Effective In Overcoming Hypothermia?

If left untreated, people with hypothermia will have the potential to lose their lives, because they cause a number of symptoms that require immediate medical attention. If you are far from the hospital or medical installation, immediately discuss with a specialist on the application for tips on overcoming hypothermia. Proper handling will relieve the symptoms experienced.

It’s best if you find symptoms, here are things you can do to prevent the body from losing more heat in the body. Some of the steps you can take, namely:

  • Move the person into a dry and warm room slowly, because sudden movements can trigger a fast and irregular heartbeat.

  • If you are in a mountainous or highland area, use complete equipment with thick materials.

  • If the clothes are wet due to the cold and humidity, take off the wet clothes and dry the body starting with the chest and head first.

  • Drink warm to warm the body.

If the person becomes unconscious, or the pulse is getting weaker, get medical help immediately. Treat people with hypothermia gently and with care. Once the temperature has improved, keep your body warm and dry. Not only the body, protect the head and neck too. Usually, hypothermia often occurs in someone who has a hobby of climbing mountains.

Experience Hypothermia, Here’s How to Overcome It

Here Are Steps to Effectively Prevent Hypothermia

Hypothermia is a threat to the hiking enthusiast . To prevent this from happening, there are a number of things that need to be considered, namely:

  • Use complete equipment, such as waterproof, wind and cold mountain jackets, gloves, thick socks, warm shoes and pants.

  • Do not wear jeans because they will make it difficult to move and hard to dry when exposed to water.

  • Avoid hiking at night, as the temperature of the mountains is very low at night.

  • Try to keep your stomach full, so that the body has plenty of energy to fight cold temperatures.

  • Avoid direct contact with water, because water that is in the body when the temperature is cold will absorb heat in the body.

  • Stop climbing when your body temperature begins to drop.

Symptoms of hypothermia can be recognized immediately, because this disease does not come suddenly and immediately causes fatal symptoms. Before being exposed, take these precautions, yes.

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