Normal Frequency of Intimate Intercourse So Not Called Hypersex

, – Recently, in Tulungagung, there was a case of a wife who was divorced by her husband because she asked to have sex 9 times a day. The wife is said to have hypersexual problems. So, what is the normal frequency of having sex so it’s not called hypersex?

Actually, the frequency of having sex for each partner can vary. There is no standard of what is normal or what is not. Meanwhile, how to say someone is hypersexual can not only be measured by the frequency of having sex, but also by the impact it causes.

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Frequency of Sex

Apart from being a reproductive process, intimate relations for married couples are also recreational in nature, and have benefits for physical and mental health. Regarding the frequency of having sex, it is difficult to determine.

There are many factors that need to be considered by a husband and wife, such as stamina, busyness, and environmental situations. That is why, it doesn’t matter, if sex is no longer done routinely after marriage.

Nobody can determine also how often partners need to have intercourse. This should be determined by the desire and agreement with the partner. Instead of focusing on frequency, the quality of intimate relationships is much more important for building intimacy with your partner.

When talking about the ideal frequency for having sex, research in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science , reveals that the frequency of having sex does not determine a partner’s happiness. Researchers say that couples who have sex more than once a week are not necessarily happier, than couples who have sex only once a week.

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So, whether or not the frequency of having sex is normal is determined by whether this activity is enjoyed by both parties or not. No matter how often you have sex in a day or a week, make sure you and your partner enjoy and feel happy about it. Without any element of coercion or an objection from one party.

What is a person called hypersex like?

If the frequency of intercourse cannot be used as a benchmark for calling someone hypersex, then how do you determine this disorder? Hypersexuality is a sexual disorder characterized by fantasies, arousal, and addiction to sex, which are difficult to control. This has a negative impact on health, work and relationships with others.

So, if sexual behavior has become the main focus in life, difficult to control, and disturbs other people, this can be called hypersex. Excessive sexual desire and urge not only make a hypersexual person want to have sex again and again. But also made him masturbate frequently, access excessive pornography, and tend to have multiple partners, to satisfy his desires.

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Although no official diagnostic criteria for hypersex have yet been found, there are several behaviors that are categorized as a sign of hypersex, namely:

  • Often have sexual desires that are unstoppable and difficult to contain.
  • Tend to have more than one partner, including in marriage or an affair (infidelity).
  • Enjoy changing sexual partners.
  • Addiction to pornography.
  • Practicing unsafe intercourse.
  • Often masturbates.
  • Likes to peek at sexual activities carried out by other people.
  • Not satisfied, even though we have frequent intercourse.
  • Making sexual activity an outlet or an escape from the stresses of life, such as loneliness, stress, depression, or anxiety.

Meanwhile, a person can be called hypersex, if these symptoms have lasted more than 6 months, and have an impact on aspects of his life. In women, this condition is often called nymphomania, while in men it is called satyriasis.

Because it can annoy and harm the offender, partner, and other people involved, hypersex cannot be tolerated. If you or someone closest to you shows indications of hypersex, as described earlier, immediately download the application to make an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist at the hospital , so you can get immediate treatment.

If hypersex conditions are allowed, the perpetrator may violate the boundaries of norms that apply in society. In fact, it is not impossible if it triggers a criminal act, such as rape.

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