Myths or Facts Sex in the Morning Can Improve Mood

, – What do you do after waking up? Do you immediately take a shower, have breakfast or just brew coffee? The same habit of waking up can certainly make you bored and not enthusiastic about working. When you reach that point of boredom, it’s time to look for other ways to start morning activities.

Have you tried to have sex with your partner in the morning? This is often impossible on weekdays. The reason is, on a typical day you have to catch the time to get ready to go to work. Even so, try to get in touch with your partner every now and then to find out the extraordinary benefits. Having sex in the morning is known to improve mood drastically. Is that right? Here is the review.

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Is Morning Sex Really Improving the Mood?

It turns out, it’s not just a figment if having sex in the morning helps facilitate your work in the office. Sex can indeed increase energy levels and relieve stress. You must be aware, the mood will automatically increase when you have reached orgasm.

Launching from Healthline, having sex in the morning can produce endorphins, chemicals that work to relieve pain in the body. Well, it is the release of these endorphins which also help to improve mood. That’s why, you may feel happier after reaching climax.

Other Benefits of Morning Sex

Not only improves mood , there are still many benefits of having sex in the morning that need to be known below:

1. Increase Libido

Morning is the perfect time to hook up with your partner. The reason is, estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak in the morning. Well, a person’s libido is influenced by hormone levels in the body. So, the higher the hormone, the libido will peak.

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2. Strengthen Relationships

Morning sex can make you and your partner closer. The reason is, having sex can produce the hormone oxytocin, which controls love and bonds. When this hormone is released during sex, you will automatically feel more connected to your partner.

3. Healthy Brain

Sex in the morning is also able to boost brain function. The busier the body is releasing a mixture of neurotransmitters and hormones, the more honed the brain is. Having sex also releases the hormone dopamine, a feel-good hormone that benefits brain health and cognition.

4. Increase the Immune System

Not only vitamin C can increase immunity. Being active in the morning through intercourse also boosts immunity by triggering the body’s natural defenses against bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

5. Make Ageless

The release of oxytocin, beta endorphins and other anti-inflammatory molecules during sex is key to looking younger. In fact, someone who has frequent intercourse at least three times a week can make you look several years younger than someone who has fewer intercourse.

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Those are the various benefits of sex in the morning that you need to know. If you have sexual problems with your partner, don’t be shy about talking to your doctor via the app . You can contact the doctor anytime and anywhere via Chat , and Voice / Video Call .

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