Male Body Parts Most Attractive to Women

, – If men are attracted to women from seeing their body shape, then women actually do not really care about the man’s body parts. It’s just not that men don’t need to take care of their body appearance, you know. Because, there are certain parts of a man’s body that can make a woman feel very attracted.

While women don’t really mind a man’s appearance, no woman is uninterested in seeing a good-looking man. The appearance of a man is not only seen from the style of dress and hairdo, but also from the shape of his body. Well, man, this is the order of the male body parts that women like that you need to know!

1. Chest

Most women reveal that they like to imagine the shape of a man’s chest hidden under his shirt. If a man wears tight clothes, then the shape of the chest that is formed can attract the attention of women.

2. Eyes

Eye contact can give a woman a deeper meaning than physical contact. By looking into a man’s eyes, sparks will emerge from a woman’s heart that can eventually make him fall in love.

3. Arms

It’s no wonder that burly men love to show off their muscular biceps by deliberately wearing tight clothes. The reason is, the arm is a part of a man’s body that attracts women. Whether muscular or not, the arms reflect a man’s strength. That is why women love to hold or lean on a man’s arm.

4. Hands

When looking at a man’s big hands, long fingers, and clean nails makes a woman feel special pleasure. Most women will feel happy when held in a strong male hand.

5. Shoulders

The part of the male body that is also seen as sexy by women is the shoulder. The broad and sturdy shoulders reflect the strength and masculinity of a man. Women will feel protected if they are near this one part of the body. In addition, seeing the movement of a man’s shoulder muscles while working can also amaze women.

6. Lips

Just as men are attracted to women’s lips, men’s lips also contain a magnet that attracts women’s attention. Not only because of their beauty, lips are also considered a sensual part of the body because they allow for a more intimate relationship.

7. Back

The back is also a part of the body that symbolizes the strength and strength of a man. Hugging a man’s back, especially from behind, is the kind of physical contact a woman likes.

8. Stomach

It doesn’t matter that man has a stomach that is boxy, flat and not sagged, or a distended stomach. This part of the body will still be a part that women like. The reason is that when a woman holds a man’s stomach, she will feel warmth and intimacy because she can touch this part of the body that no one can hold.

9. Butt

The shape of the male buttocks, whether full or medium, can be an attraction for women. Therefore, not a few women who like to squeeze their male buttocks while having sex. Even when not having sex, women will be challenged to squeeze a man’s butt, because it makes them feel dominant by taking the first steps towards foreplay .

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