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Make no mistake, syphilis is not only transmitted through sexual contact

– Want to know how many people suffer from sexual diseases globally? Don’t be surprised, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), every day around one million people contract this disease. Worse yet, approximately 357 million people in the world suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. So many, right?

Remember, sexually transmitted diseases are not just about HIV or AIDS, gonorrhea, or chlamydia. There is also syphilis or what is commonly called the lion king which is no less dangerous. Are you familiar with this disease?

The lion king is a sexually transmitted disease because of bacterial infection. These bacteria attack the genital area, lips, mouth, or anus of men and women. So, how is it transmitted?

Unfortunately, many still believe that syphilis is only transmitted through sexual contact. In fact, it is not that simple the spread of syphilis. This disease, which can lead to death, has other ways to haunt millions of people.

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Pregnant Women to Wounds on the Skin

Isn’t syphilis a thing of the past? Hmmm not really. According to the German mass media, Deutsche Welle , in 2007 at least 4,309 people in Germany had syphilis. Guess how many 10 years later? The number shot up to 7,476 cases. How come?

The mantra of “safe sex” in the 1980s after the HIV pandemic was no longer practiced strictly. Globalization fell, causing the spread of syphilis globally. Today a person with syphilis can be in Berlin, tomorrow in Bangkok or New York. In short, a “friend” sharing a mattress can vary from city to city. Well, this is what makes the syphilis rate skyrocket every year.

Returning to the headline, although sexual contact (vaginal, anal, or oral) is the main transmission of syphilis, sex is not the only one. Then, through all the twists and turns can syphilis spread?

1. From pregnant women to fetuses

Don’t believe the rumor that syphilis is only spread through sexual contact. In fact, this lion king can also be passed from pregnant women to babies during pregnancy. In short, pregnant women who are infected with syphilis, have the potential to transmit syphilis-causing bacteria to the fetus in their womb.

4 Facts About Syphilis Transmitted from Intimate Relationships

In the medical world, this condition is called congenital syphilis. Be careful, fetuses infected with these bacteria are prone to complications, even death before birth. Make it, restless right?

  1. Classic, Alternating Syringe

Apart from HIV, hepatitis A, or hepatitis B, the use of needles can also be a medium for transmitting syphilis. Because blood is one of the body fluids that can deliver the Treponema pallidum bacteria that causes syphilis. In other words, sharing needles with people with syphilis is a very high risk of developing this disease.

Transmission of syphilis through needles is prone to occur in those who use drugs with needles or who enjoy tattoo and piercing arts.

Remember, the initial symptoms of syphilis begin with a painless sore in the mouth, genitals, or rectum. So, if you experience these symptoms, immediately see a doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment. You can ask the doctor directly through the application

 These are 4 Symptoms You Have Syphilis

3. Open Wounds to the Skin

The bacteria that cause syphilis can also enter the body through small sores, skin rashes, or abrasions. Although cases are rare, the Treponema pallidum bacteria can pass through gaps or open sores on the skin, after touching a person infected with syphilis.

There are other things that must be considered. The sores caused by syphilis can make it easier for people to become infected with HIV during sexual intercourse.

What about other infections? Call it wearing the same clothes, sharing a swimming pool or bathroom, eating utensils, or using the same toilet as the sufferer? Don’t worry too much, syphilis is not transmitted through these methods.

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