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Light exercise that is effective in getting rid of a distended stomach

, – Are you still having trouble getting rid of a bloated stomach today? This means that you ignore the sports and tips that you need to do. Of course, exercise or exercise is a natural way that will help solve your problem. Not only to shrink the stomach naturally, exercise can also improve your overall body fitness.

The easiest exercise to start to get rid of a distended stomach is cardio training. Besides being cheap, this method is also very easy to do. Here are the sports you can choose from:

1. Take a walk

The activity of walking or taking a walk can not only freshen the eyes. You can also use this inexpensive activity as a natural stomach-reducing potion. In addition, of course, walking is an activity that is good for overall body health.

Walking can help you burn 300-400 calories per hour. In order for maximum fat burning in the body, you can take a brisk walk to burn more calories. Not only that, these simple cardio exercises can help you maintain a healthy and ideal body weight. In addition, this exercise is effective in improving your mood . In addition, walking can help strengthen your bones and muscles.

2. Cross Trainer

Another sport that you can do to shrink your stomach is to use an elliptical trainer . This tool can help you burn up to 500 calories per hour at moderate speed. This exercise can be used as an option, because it can help burn body fat without hurting the joints too deeply. Unlike a treadmill or stationary bike , the elliptical tends to work out your whole body.

3. Skipping

You must have done this sport often as a child. In fact, you shouldn’t need to leave this sport when you are an adult. Many athletes rely on this sport to help increase stamina. In addition, excess fat will be lost. The easiest way to get the maximum fat burning benefits is to jump rope for one minute. Then, stop for 20-30 seconds and repeat.

4. Swimming

Maybe this sport is much liked to shrink the stomach. Even though you don’t feel sweat while swimming, swimming is a cardio exercise. By swimming, your body will be able to burn up to 14 calories. Compared to cardio training, swimming is an exercise that has very little potential for injury and is a good way to shrink your stomach.

5. Go up and down the stairs

You don’t need to leave the house or office to do this sport. Just do it in your household or office in your spare time. In fact, going up and down stairs can help you burn up to 600 calories per hour and you can do it at a moderate pace. But keep in mind, this exercise can put a fair amount of stress on the knee. Therefore, you must still be careful in doing it.

6. Push Up

The results of a study published in the journal Obesity states that push ups can increase levels of the hormone testosterone, which releases fat in the stomach. So far, testosterone deficiency is considered to be one of the causes of visceral fat accumulation in the stomach. You don’t need to push up for too long. Just do what you can, at least 50 times in two sessions.

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