Known as the New Sexual Orientation, What Is Pansexual?

, – Recently the term Pansexual has become known as a new sexual orientation. In 2016, singer Miley Cyrus also started to open up and confessed that she was pansexual. Quoting Women’s Health, to Variety, Cyrus admitted that he really didn’t like the term bisexual. According to him, the label actually made him feel shackled. Because basically, he just likes it without bothering to think about whether someone is a boy or a girl.

Pansexual comes from the Greek, “pan” means all. So pansexual can be said to be an attraction to someone, regardless of gender, gender, or sexual orientation of that person. For example, someone who is born with a male gender, likes someone regardless of their gender.

In short, pansexuals have an attraction to anyone, male, female, even transgender. They may even like someone who chooses not to identify with their sexual orientation. Because, pansexual only sees someone “whole” as that person.

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However, pansexual cannot be translated as someone who is free and careless. Because it is possible that a pansexual person can be attracted to anyone, but that does not mean he wants to have a relationship with anyone.

In addition, the relationship that a pansexual person has is not just a sexual problem. When a pansexual person already likes someone and is in a romantic relationship, he will focus on his partner only. Not just a gender issue. So, often the relationship will be more intimate and meaningful.

The term pansexual is still not widely known in general. A number of data shows that, compared to gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, there are still very few people who realize and want to admit that they are pansexual.

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Pansexual Is Different from Bisexual

Looking at the explanation, at first glance pansexual may sound similar to bisexual. However, they are completely different conditions. Pansexual is a different type of sexual orientation from bisexual.

In bisexuals, generally a person is only attracted to two types of gender, namely male and female. The attraction that exists can be emotional, sexual, romantic, or just intellectual. However, bisexuality is only limited to these two genders.

Meanwhile, pansexual people tend to see gender as a much broader spectrum. This means that it is not limited to groups of men or women only. That is what then encourages a pansexual person to feel sexual attraction and romanticism in all gender identities.

Even though it looks like you can like anyone, it doesn’t mean that a pansexual person has a hobby of changing partners and having affairs. Just like other sexual conditions, basically everyone who decides to have a relationship craves a commitment. That is the attitude of being loyal to one partner who has been chosen.

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Like other sexual orientations, a pansexual person doesn’t actually have any special physical characteristics. To be sure, when he feels attracted to someone either sexually, romantically, or both, the issue of gender or sexual orientation is no longer a problem.

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