Know How to Maintain Men’s Reproductive Health

Male reproductive health is influenced by many factors, ranging from lifestyle, environment, and certain medical conditions. The risk of health problems and fertility can be reduced by maintaining reproductive health. Here are some ways you can take care of male reproductive health:

If you are the type of man who likes to smoke and drink excessive alcohol, know that you will experience reproductive health problems. There may be a decrease in sperm production and quality. This results in decreased fertility rates, so that later you will find it difficult to get offspring.

Male reproductive health will decrease if you have weight problems. Be it obesity or too low weight. You need to know that poor nutritional status also poses a risk to sperm quality, thereby reducing male fertility.

Testicular temperature also affects sperm count. In order to have a greater chance of getting offspring, you should keep the temperature around 34.5 degrees Celsius or lower than other bodies. Ways that can be done to reduce testicular temperature, namely:

By consuming healthy foods and regular exercise can improve sperm quality. But avoid doing excessive exercise because this can trigger the body to release too much steroid hormones and affect fertility. In addition, you also need to ensure that the food nutrition you consume is sufficient, at least five servings of vegetables and fruit every day, carbohydrates, protein, and lean meats.

Regular erections are achieved thanks to a healthy penis. When an erection, oxygen in the blood will fill the penis and make it tense. If sexual activity is carried out regularly, especially when the couple is in their fertile period, the chances of having a baby are even greater.

Avoid risky sex habits, such as multiple partners. This is very important for maintaining reproductive health. Get regular check-ups to find out if there are sexually transmitted diseases.

There are 42 types of bacteria that can nest on the foreskin. To avoid this, circumcision is the best solution. Because, the folds of the foreskin on the uncircumcised penis are more at risk of becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, circumcision has been studied to provide many reproductive health benefits.

By carrying out these ways of maintaining reproductive health, the chances of having offspring are greater.