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Itchy Skin? Treat with Milk and Honey

, – I think almost everyone has experienced itching on the skin. This condition can be caused by many things, from dry skin conditions, insect bites, to allergic reactions. Most people will usually scratch the itchy skin. But you know, itchy skin should not be scratched, because it will irritate the skin and even cause wounds. Instead of scratching, you can treat itching on the skin in natural ways. One of them is by smearing the skin with milk and honey. Come on, find out the benefits of these two ingredients for itchy skin here.

Causes of Itchy Skin

There are many conditions that can cause skin itching, including:

  • Dry skin

If itching on the skin is not accompanied by a red rash or other dramatic changes in the itchy area, then dry skin ( xerosis ) is the cause of your skin to itch. Dry skin is not a serious problem, but it can make you feel uncomfortable. Dry skin is usually the result of aging or environmental factors, such as taking too long warm baths, irritation of certain products, and staying in cold places for too long.

  • Drug Reactions

Certain medications, such as antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs or narcotic pain relievers, can cause the skin to suddenly itch. However, itching of the skin caused by drugs is usually accompanied by a rash.

Most skin itching is not caused by serious conditions. Even so, itching on the skin can also be a symptom of chronic diseases, such as diabetes , blood disorders, iron deficiency anemia, Celiac disease, or HIV / AIDS.

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Reasons for itchy skin should not be scratched

When the skin feels itchy, the body immediately sends a signal to the brain to scratch. However, you know, scratching does not actually get rid of the itching, you know. But when scratching, your nerves will send pain signals to the brain, so that the itching feels as if it goes away because it is replaced by pain. In addition, when the pain when the skin is scratched appears, the body naturally also releases serotonin which gives a feeling of “satisfaction”. This is what causes you to continue to scratch the itchy skin.

However, too often and tightly you scratch your skin will cause irritation and injury. The irritation will of course make the skin feel even more sore and sore. That is why you are not recommended to scratch itchy skin.

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Benefits of Milk and Honey for Itchy Skin

So, instead of scratching, you should use natural ingredients, such as milk and honey to treat itchy skin. Milk has anti-inflammatory properties that can provide a soothing sensation to the skin and help heal dry and itchy skin. Plus, the lactic acid content in milk is useful for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

How to use milk to treat itchy skin, namely wet a clean washcloth with cold milk, then rub it on dry skin for 5–7 minutes. Then, clean the skin with another cloth dampened with warm water. Do it every day to get a natural moisturizer.

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Apart from milk, honey is also the best natural moisturizer that contains antioxidants , antimicrobials, and can lock moisture in the skin, so that the skin is always smooth and soft. By keeping the skin moisturised, you can avoid dry skin which causes itching on the skin.

How to use it, apply honey to the itchy skin before bathing and leave it for 5–10 minutes. Do this every day to get moisturized skin.

That’s how to treat itchy skin with milk and honey. If the itching on your skin does not go away or is accompanied by other abnormal symptoms, consult a dermatologist immediately. You can also contact the doctor via Video / Voice Call and Chat to ask for health advice regarding the itchy skin you experience anytime and anywhere. Come on, download the application now on the App Store and Google Play.

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