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Is Pre-Marital Pregnancy Test Effective?

, – For couples who are planning a wedding , there are many things that need to be done and prepared. Starting from mental and financial readiness, to health. In fact, there are several types of health checks, aka prenuptial checks, that are recommended to be carried out before marriage, one of which is the pre-marriage fertility test which is related to the opportunity to have children after marriage.

The medical examination that is carried out aims to determine the health condition of the reproductive organs, both for men and women who are getting married. Thus, you and your partner can have a picture of the pregnancy process that will occur in the future, so that it can produce healthy offspring. Because it cannot be denied, most couples who decide to get married are almost certainly waiting for the presence of their baby in the middle of the family.

To find out the chances of having children, you and your partner can undergo a fertility test , which is a test that is done to find out whether the male and female reproductive organs are sufficiently supportive to experience a natural pregnancy. Although it is actually not mandatory, fertility testing before marriage can more or less help plan family life in the future.

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In addition to fertility tests, there are actually types of tests that are more recommended for married couples, namely the health of the reproductive organs. This examination is done to detect the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or certain diseases that can be transmitted to partners. Thus, you and your partner can anticipate the transmission of the disease before later actively having sex.

When Should Pre-Marital Checks Be Done?

After decisively planning a wedding, make sure you and your partner include a health check in the list of “needs” before marriage. Thus, reproductive health and other matters needed to prepare for marriage can be immediately identified.

But don’t worry, if you don’t have enough time, you and your partner can do it immediately after marriage. There are several ways of examinations that may be done to assess the level of fertility for you and your partner. In men, the main test is to check the quality of sperm. Whereas in women, ultrasound is usually done through the stomach to see the condition of the uterine organs.

Do not have children, check fertility this way

If the test results say that the fertility rate is low or there is a possibility that one of you and your partner is infertile, usually the doctor will do further tests. The goal is to find out exactly what causes infertility to occur. There are many factors that can cause a person to be infertile, ranging from obesity, certain health conditions, to other factors that need to be known immediately.

After that, further action may be taken to increase the chances of you and your partner having offspring in the future. Methods that can be done, including through medication, therapy, to insemination, aka the IVF process. In fact, health checks, especially those related to reproductive problems, are very important to do.

This way, you and your partner can know more about things that might happen after marriage. And if possible, you can find ways to prevent unwanted things from appearing. Therefore, don’t forget to make a schedule and choose the best doctor to do a health check before marriage.

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