Is it true that you can transmit HIV through facials?

HIV is related to a virus that causes various problems related to the immune system. If you don’t get treatment immediately, the HIV virus that lodges in the body will develop more seriously into AIDS. Unfortunately, there is no definite treatment to cure it, treatment only aims to relieve symptoms and prolong the life of the sufferer.

There are many ways to transmit this disease. Intimate relationships between same-sex couples and alternating drug use through needles will further increase the risk of transmission. However, vaginal intercourse by husband and wife partners has a higher transmission rate, as well as oral sexual intercourse.

Then, how is HIV transmitted through facials?

You should know that most cases of HIV do not trigger certain symptoms. After the first infection occurs, new symptoms will appear for at least 10 years. This means, to find out if you have HIV, the only way you can do it is through an HIV examination or test.

Without Special Symptoms, Know the Early Signs of HIV Transmission

You can do this HIV test at a hospital or laboratory that does have testing facilities or services to detect HIV. If you don’t have time to do it in the laboratory, you can use the application by selecting the Check Lab feature . So, you can still do HIV checks at home.

Then, what about transmission through facials? Can this happen? In fact, transmission through facials occurs not through the process, but through facial equipment that is not cleaned properly after being used on previous patients, aka not in a sterile condition. This is very likely to happen, even though the probability number is relatively small. How did it happen?

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In connection with facials, this transmission occurs because the blood from the previous patient is left behind on the facial device used. Blood exposed to the HIV virus if exposed to direct sunlight and free air, will not last long, only about seven days. Meanwhile, at room temperature, the HIV virus can last up to 42 days. It is also possible that blood that has been contaminated with the virus will remain in the syringe, not the needle.

Prevention of HIV Transmission

In order to avoid facial transmission of the HIV virus, you certainly have to be good at choosing a beauty clinic. Better to choose a clinic that has clear credibility, has regulations or operational standards that are credible. Make sure the syringes used are still sealed and everything is washed until they are completely sterile.

So, what if you are HIV positive? The doctor will provide treatment in the form of drugs that can suppress the development of the virus and prevent transmission to other people. However, you must take this drug regularly and every day. Otherwise, the virus will become more resistant to this drug and the complications may get worse.

Must Know, HIV and AIDS Are Different

HIV is still a disorder that has received special attention. So, you should really take care of yourself so you don’t get infected with this deadly virus. Stay away from free sex and drugs for beauty problems, you can look for a clinic that is more experienced even though the cost you pay is certainly not small.

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