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Is it true that uncircumcised penis can get balanitis?

, – Balanitis is inflammation of the glands or head on the penis, due to infection or other causes. This disease can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but it is usually not serious.

In uncircumcised men, this area is covered by a fold of skin known as the foreskin, or foreskin. Balanitis can occur in both circumcised and uncircumcised men, although it is more common in uncircumcised men. Boys are generally affected only if they have a foreskin that is very tight, making it difficult to pull back.

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Various infections and skin conditions can cause balanitis. This includes:

  1. Infection with yeast (Candida) or bacteria that live on the skin (most common cause)

  2. Sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes simplex

  3. Skin irritation by soap, detergent, or spermicidal jelly

  4. Benign (non-cancerous) skin conditions, such as psoriasis

  5. Some types of skin cancer (very rare)

While any man can develop balanitis, this condition is most likely to occur in men who have a tight foreskin that is difficult to pull back, or who have poor hygiene.

Diabetes can make balanitis more likely, especially if blood sugar is not well controlled. High blood sugar causes an increase in sugar levels in the urine. Sugar-rich urine that drips down the glands and under the foreskin provides a friendly environment for yeast and bacteria. Also, people with uncontrolled diabetes have difficulty fighting infections.

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When balanitis keeps recurring, it may be caused by a yeast infection that is passed back and forth between partners during sexual contact. Symptoms include:

  1. A red, inflamed rash on the head and shaft of the penis or under the foreskin

  2. Itching or burning in the affected area

  3. White, lumpy or yellowish discharge from the affected skin or from under the foreskin

Doctors can usually recognize balanitis immediately. Sometimes, skin swabs or scrapes can be examined under a microscope, or it can be sent to a laboratory for further testing to confirm the diagnosis.

Uncircumcised men should practice good hygiene, including pulling out the foreskin completely during a shower. People with diabetes can help prevent balanitis by carefully controlling blood sugar.

How is Balanitis Treated?

Treatment depends on the cause. If the problem is caused by a yeast infection, the person will be advised to use an antifungal cream. Clotrimazole (Lotrimin, Mycelex) is a very effective over the counter drug, which is also used to treat vaginal yeast infections.

Apply it to the affected area two or three times a day for 10 days. Your doctor may also recommend antifungal treatments, either in cream or pill form. If you have an infection with skin bacteria, you will be asked to use an antibiotic cream, and to make sure you clean the area thoroughly. Sometimes antibiotic pills may be needed.

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When the skin is inflamed, but not infected, you will be advised to keep the area clean and dry and to avoid skin soaps or lotions that can make the condition worse.

Sometimes cortisone cream can help fix the problem more quickly. However, cortisone can make certain infections worse, so it is best to avoid this type of drug unless prescribed by a doctor.

Once effective treatment is started, you usually don’t need to avoid sex , although sexual contact can damage or inflame the affected area. Rarely, sexual contact can pass the infection back and forth between partners.

If this happens, both partners may need treatment at the same time to prevent further episodes. In uncircumcised men, circumcision often prevents recurrent infections, especially in men who have tight, hard-to-pull foreskin.

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