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Is it true that the size of a penis that is too large can injure Miss V?

– Mr. size P is often associated with the level of satisfaction during sex. Many believe that the bigger Mr. P, it will be easier to achieve satisfaction. However, there are also those who say that Mr. P that is too big can actually hurt Miss V. Really?

Despite Mr. P generally differs from one person to another, in fact the average size of all is still possible to have sex. Indeed, there is a possibility Mr. P that is too large can be painful in women. But usually, there are certain reasons that cause this.

Mr. average size. P in adult men when not having an erection is 5–10 centimeters. Meanwhile, while being erect, Mr. size. P can enlarge to about 12–19 centimeters. Even so, there is no need to worry if you have an above average size.

Because, basically the structure of Miss. V is elastic or can adjust. Even though there is a limit on its elasticity, it still doesn’t rule out Miss. V can feel pain during intercourse.

Is penis size affected genetically?

Not Mr. size. P, which triggers pain during sexual activity. Injury to Miss. V can occur due to several things, ranging from lack of lubrication or lack of stimulation, consumption of certain drugs, to age. In addition, choosing the wrong position during sex can actually trigger pain in Miss. V.

Coping with pain during intimate intercourse

In fact, there are several factors that can increase the risk of pain in Miss. V during intercourse. Even so, there are tips that can be applied to avoid pain in Miss. V, including:

1. Do Foreplay

One way to prevent pain in Miss. V is to ask the partner to “warm up” alias foreplay before sex. The reason is, women tend to take longer to be aroused than men. Forcing penetration when Miss. V not ready will only cause the part to feel pain due to friction.

2. Try Using Lubricants

Pain during intercourse could occur because the vagina is too “dry”. Therefore, it is important to make this part really ready, so that pain does not arise during penetration. You can do foreplay before sex or if it’s difficult you can use lubricants or lubricants to support sexual activity.

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3. Change Position

It could be, pain during intercourse arises because of the wrong position. So that this activity is not disturbed by pain, be sure to do it in the correct position especially if your size is Mr. P is slightly above average.

Check with the Doctor

Although it appeared during penetration, pain in Miss. V could have happened for other things. In some cases, pain in Miss. V can be a symptom of certain diseases that must be watched out for.

If the pain continues and feels worse, check with your doctor immediately to find out the cause. Pain in Miss. V could be a sign of a yeast infection, or some other disease.

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