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Is it true that red ginger increases male fertility?

, – Red ginger is known as a complement when consuming sushi , which is a Japanese food which is now worldwide and is widely liked by people, including in Indonesia. Not only is it a companion for eating sushi, it turns out that red ginger has many health benefits. Then, is it true that consuming red ginger can increase fertility for men? These are the facts.

In Indonesia, ginger is a type of material that is quite easy to find. Ginger is commonly found in home kitchens and is used to add flavor to dishes. Red ginger is also often processed into a drink that is consumed and is believed to be effective in maintaining the health of the body so that it doesn’t get sick easily.

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Red Ginger for Male Fertility

Male fertility problems can be a worrying problem. We recommend that you regularly consume red ginger so that male fertility problems can be resolved. Research reveals that red ginger essential oil also has aphrodisiac effects. Aphrodisiacs are chemicals that can stimulate sexual power by increasing and circulating blood flow in the body. If blood circulation increases, then the chances of blood flow in the penis area also increase.

As a result, men can be durable for an erection. Even so, the aphrodisiac effect of red ginger essential oil is still smaller than that of peg bumi. Not only that, the benefits of red ginger for male fertility can also occur because this spice also contains antioxidants and has androgenic activity. This makes red ginger increase the amount of the hormone testosterone, thereby increasing male fertility.

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Benefits of Red Ginger to Prevent Indigestion

Did you know that some people choose not to eat sushi because this fish is served raw so they are not sure about its safety. Therefore, in restaurants that serve sushi, red ginger is always provided.

Red ginger protects the digestive system from bacteria, thereby preventing you from digestive problems, such as stomach upset. The antibacterial agents present in ginger are able to fight bad bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritidis, and Staphylococcus aureus . If you eat sushi together with red ginger, the bacteria that may remain in the sushi can be destroyed immediately.

Not only that, the warmth provided by ginger can also soothe digestion. However, if the symptoms of indigestion do not go away, you can chat with the doctor to get health solutions related to your condition.

Red Ginger Can Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain

Not only overcoming uric acid problems, the next benefit of red ginger is to reduce pain that occurs in muscles and joints. A study conducted on Sepak Takraw athletes proved that giving ginger extract for 10 days was able to reduce muscle pain in Sepak Takraw athletes.

This is different from the benefits of red ginger and white ginger

Ginger extract can also help reduce osteoarthritis symptoms, such as muscle aches. In fact, research says that ginger is more effective at reducing inflammation in the body than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Some of the active components in ginger that can reduce leukotrienes and prostaglandins that trigger inflammation, including gingerol, gingerdione , and zingerone .

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