Is it true that pedophilia occurs due to brain neurological disorders?

, – The term pedophilia is often interpreted with the wrong meaning. Pedophilia is almost always associated with negative things, especially about sexual crimes against children. One thing that needs to be known, not all sex offenders are pedophiles and not all pedophiles have committed sexual crimes.

Pedophilia is a sexual disorder. People who have this disorder are called pedophiles. This condition causes sufferers to have sexual desires towards adolescents or children who are under 14 years of age. A person can be considered a pedophile if they are over 16 years of age.

Get to Know More About Pedophilia Sexual Disorders

Although there is still much debate, many experts say that pedophilia is actually a disease. This is said to be related to abnormalities that occur in the sufferer’s brain. Is it true?

In fact, the exact cause of pedophilia is still unknown. However, there are several things that are thought to be related to this condition . One of them is the influence of neurotransmitter disorders, namely the nerves that carry messages or signals from the brain to other parts of the body.

In addition, there are many factors that are said to be associated with the causes of pedophilia. This condition is said to occur due to social psychological factors, not biological. Family background, until trauma in the past is said to trigger a person to become a pedophile. However, in cases like this there are not enough numbers.

So far, brain disorders are the most acceptable risk factor for pedophilia. In addition, there have been several studies related to this condition, and the average results describe pedophiles with low IQ and short term memory, lack of white matter in the brain, low testosterone levels, and problems with the brain.

There are differences in brain response produced in normal conditions and in pedophilia. If in normal people, the brain will spontaneously produce nerve waves and instincts to protect and love. Whereas in pedophiles, these nerve waves are disrupted and actually increase sexual desire.

Including Sexual Disorders, Can Pedophilia Be Cured?

Handling Not Only in Patients

Treatment of pedophilia cannot be done by focusing on the sufferer alone. In fact, support from family and the environment is needed to be able to prevent this condition from leading to crime or crime.

Pedophilia is a disease whose treatment focuses on long-term behavior change. People with this condition may need observation and anticipation from a group of psychic doctors.

Unfortunately, not many people understand how to deal with pedophilia. Often times, people with this disorder are even ostracized and are always blamed for what they experienced.

In fact, diagnosing this condition is not easy to do. Participation and testimony from family, friends, and people around the pedophile will be needed. Even so, efforts to ensure that someone really has this disorder or not, needs to be done. So, the term pedophile is no longer carelessly pinned and misinterpreted.

MRI scans and other tests may be of little help. Various tests performed with a brain wave detector can be used to observe brain activity. Through this test, brain waves will be recorded and it can be seen which part triggers this disorder to occur.

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Little One from Pedophilia

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