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Is it true that love is the only foundation of marriage?

, – When both humans are in love, it feels like the days of wanting to be spent together. Not a few couples in this world decide to get married just because they love each other. In fact, marriage is a life framework that is more than just love. The reason is, love is an emotional feeling that can change. That said, love cannot be used as a solid foundation in marriage because love is far from all that is needed.

When a couple decides to get married, of course, they have to consider various additional aspects. For example, can the spouse provide enough income and become good parents later? Throughout history, marriage has been seen as a kind of “agreement” which should enhance or at least not harm a person’s status and condition. Married with love may make one blind to these added aspects.

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Not Just About Love, But About Connection

Marrying someone based solely on strong and passionate love while ignoring various things, such as behavior, economic conditions, intellectual level in the short term might be considered a very romantic decision. However, when long-term considerations are taken into account, some of the above aspects can trigger many problems.

Therefore, one of the most important foundations when deciding to get married is that you and your partner must make commitments and give love sentiments to each other. The commitments that you and your partner need to make, for example, marriage goals, priorities, and financial arrangements. Then, sentiment not only consists of acute emotions that are given repeatedly, but also permanently shapes attitudes and behavior.

Passionate love is a short-term emotion that can change with circumstances. But deep love sentiments are a phenomenon that has persisted over the years. Deep love based on the compatibility of two human beings makes it possible to share many activities together.

In essence, long-term happiness cannot be based on passion alone, but must involve a sentiment of love that includes mutual activity, care, and deep reciprocity. It can create strong connections to form a happy marriage.

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Premarital Check Up for Couples Who Want to Get Married

It is also important to be prepared before marriage is an aspect of your health and that of your partner. Therefore, couples who want to get married need to carry out a series of medical tests to identify potential health problems for their spouses and descendants in the future. Here are the benefits of a premarital check-up :

  • Knowing the partner’s health condition;

  • Detect infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B and HIV / AIDS;

  • Detect any genetic disorders, such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, hemophilia.

Several types of tests include a premarital check-up , namely:

  • Blood group test. This test aims to identify a mismatch with a partner’s blood group that at times affects the development of the baby in the womb or other health problems in the future.

  • Blood abnormalities test . Blood disorders are long-term medical conditions and affect health. Babies born to mothers with blood disorders have a greater chance of developing the same disease.

  • Sexually transmitted disease test . It is important for you and your partner to do this test before getting married. Couples who have known STDs earlier will be more accepting and understanding of domestic life later.

  • Genetic disease test . Knowing the history of hereditary disease from your partner can help you get to know your partner better and understand household life later. In addition, early treatment can also be done to prevent the disease from getting worse.

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Those are some things to consider before you decide to get married. So love is not the only foundation of marriage. You and your partner need to make some commitments and start cultivating a love sentiment to form a strong connection.


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