Health Myths and Facts Pneumonia

Is it true that herbal medicines can treat pneumonia?

, – There are several health problems that can threaten the health of the lungs, one of which is pneumonia. Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition that occurs in the air sacs in one or even both lungs. Of course, if not treated properly, it can lead to infection in the bloodstream, lung abscess, or pleural effusion.

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Then, how to deal with pneumonia? There are many medical treatments that can be done to treat pneumonia, some of which include the use of antibiotics and cough suppressants. However, is it true that using several types of herbs can help treat pneumonia?

Treatment That Can Be Done

The complications that can occur due to pneumonia make this disease not to be underestimated. Reporting from the American Lung Association , there are several symptoms of pneumonia experienced by sufferers, such as coughing accompanied by the appearance of yellowish or greenish mucus. In addition, people with pneumonia also have difficulty breathing. Loss of appetite and feeling tired are also signs that people with pneumonia can experience.

Sometimes people with fever accompanied by diarrhea, chest pain when coughing, and a faster heart rate. Immediately contact the nearest hospital for further examination and appropriate treatment of the health symptoms that are being experienced. Now you can make a doctor’s appointment via the app before going to the hospital.

If the doctor confirms that you have pneumonia, there are several medical treatments that you can certainly do to treat this condition, one of which is by administering antibiotics and cough medicine to relieve the symptoms you are experiencing. This condition generally improves after the medical treatment you take.

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However, can pneumonia be overcome by consuming several types of herbs? Herbal remedies cannot treat pneumonia. The use of herbs used can only relieve symptoms experienced by people with pneumonia.

Reporting from WebMD , the use of hot tea can only relieve cough symptoms experienced by people with pneumonia. The warm tea that is consumed creates irritating mucus. You can try consuming peppermint tea to relieve your cough.

Reporting from Healthline , the menthol content in peppermint tea can soothe the throat and help reduce phlegm in the throat. Not only drunk, you can breathe in the hot steam that comes from tea with peppermint in it. In addition, you can also add essential oils in warm water to get peppermint steam which can help relieve coughs.

Recognize the Causes of Pneumonia

Pneumonia generally occurs when the sufferer has a less than optimal immune system. This is what causes germs or bacteria that cause pneumonia to easily attack the lungs, causing inflammation and even infection.

Know some of the causes of pneumonia, such as bacterial pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae , viral pneumonia caused by adenovirus and corona virus, fungal pneumonia, and mycoplasma pneumonia.

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There is nothing wrong with taking precautions so that you avoid pneumonia, by undergoing PCV vaccination, eating healthy foods so that your immune system is optimal, keeping your environment and body clean, quitting smoking, and avoiding alcoholic drinks.

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