Sexual Dysfunction

Is it true that excess iron causes erectile dysfunction?

, – Untreated excess iron can lead to a number of complications, especially in the joints and organs where excess iron tends to be deposited in the liver, pancreas, and heart.

One of the complications is the problem of erectile dysfunction (impotence), as well as the loss of sex drive in men and the absence of menstrual cycles in women. More information about the effects of iron overload can be read below!

Iron Excess and Sex Performance

Common symptoms seen in men with iron overload are loss of libido, shrinkage of the testicles, erectile dysfunction, and impotence. Even though it’s not as dangerous as cirrhosis or heart disease, it’s a fairly problematic symptom for men and one that can really impact the quality of life.

According to health data published by Hemochromatosis Help, it is stated that 45 percent of men with symptomatic hemochromatosis have impotence disorders. Why does too much iron affect sex drive and sexual function in men?

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The most common reason is that the pituitary gland (an important regulator of hormones found in the central area of the skull) becomes excess iron. Excess iron causes male sex hormones to not operate properly which leads to hypogonadism, reduced testosterone, and all other sexual performance problems.

The genes that cause hemochromatosis are inherited. Only a small proportion of people who have the gene have serious problems. Signs and symptoms of hemochromatosis usually appear in middle age.

Other Facts and the Treatment of Excess Iron

Hereditary hemochromatosis is a condition that causes the body to absorb too much iron from the foods you eat. Excess iron is stored in organs, especially the liver, heart, and pancreas. Too much iron can lead to life-threatening conditions, such as liver disease, heart problems, and diabetes.

The treatment for this condition is to remove blood from the body, as most of the body’s iron is contained in red blood cells. The goal of this treatment is none other than to lower iron levels.

Iron is an essential mineral in food, and is an essential component of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body. Iron comes in two forms.

Heme iron is bonded in a ring-shaped molecule called porphyrin. It is found mainly in red meat. Non-heme iron is found in plants and animals whose absorption is assisted by vitamin C.

The hepcidin hormone regulates the body’s iron balance. The function of hepcidin is to suppress iron absorption. When the body’s iron stores are high, hepcidin levels increase, and iron absorption decreases. Excess iron can also be caused by iron toxicity that is triggered by taking high doses of iron supplements for a long period of time.

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Men with genetic hemochromatosis are significantly at risk of developing bone loss. According to health data published by Hemochromatosis Help, it is stated that excess iron can affect bone mineral density.

Often hemochromatosis is detected too late. Some people experience diabetes, liver disease, or heart disease without knowing that the main trigger is hemochromatosis. Want to know the iron intake that suits your needs, just ask through the application .

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