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Is it true that drinking olive oil can treat vertigo?

, – Have you ever felt dizzy that made it difficult for you to move? Don’t underestimate the dizziness you experience, especially if you feel that environmental conditions are spinning along with the dizziness you experience. This can be a common symptom of vertigo that must be treated immediately so that the vertigo does not get worse.

If you have vertigo, this is what your body will experience

Vertigo treatment can be done according to the severity of vertigo experienced by a person. However, there is nothing wrong with doing several ways to relieve the symptoms you are experiencing, one of which is by consuming water or herbal drinks, such as ginger. Is it true that olive oil can be used as a natural remedy for vertigo?

Can Olive Oil Treat Vertigo?

Vertigo treatment is adjusted to the severity experienced by the sufferer. Do not underestimate vertigo that occurs repeatedly, especially if this condition is accompanied by decreased consciousness, difficulty speaking, difficulty walking, visual disturbances, some limbs that are difficult to move, and fever. Immediately find out the location of the nearest hospital through the application so that people with vertigo get the right treatment to overcome the symptoms they are experiencing.

If the vertigo you experience is mild and does not recur, this condition can be overcome by meeting the need for rest, consuming lots of water, and lying in a dark and comfortable place. You should also avoid sudden movements, avoid exposure to bright light from lights, computer lights, televisions or cell phones.

Recognize the following signs and causes of vertigo

Then, is it true that olive oil can treat vertigo? Olive oil is a natural oil that is produced from olives. Compared to coconut oil, olive oil has more good fats that are needed by the body. That is why olive oil is believed to have various health benefits.

However, until now it is not known the benefits of olive oil to relieve symptoms or treat vertigo problems. Launching from Healthline , olive oil can only be used as an additional oil for essential oils used to treat migraines or headaches.

So, olive oil can relieve headaches and dizziness when added with these essential oils. Ask your doctor through the app if you still need to ask about the benefits of olive oil for headache relief.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Health

Even though it can’t treat vertigo, olive oil has a high antioxidant content and has health benefits. Launching from Medical News Today , here are the benefits of olive oil for health, namely:

1. Avoid Cardiovascular Disorders

Adding olive oil to food can prevent you from various cardiovascular disorders and inflammation of the body. A high enough antioxidant content can also prevent you from stroke and changes in brain function.

2. Prevent Cancer

Olive oil intake can meet the needs of antioxidants in the body. This condition makes you avoid cancer, but it should be accompanied by the habit of consuming olive oil with a lifestyle and other healthy eating patterns. Still need research to confirm olive oil can treat cancer.

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Those are the benefits you can get if you add olive oil to the food you eat. However, pay attention to the dosage of olive oil and help with a healthy lifestyle so that you can feel the benefits of olive oil more optimally.

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