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Is it true that blood spots are a sign of virginity?

, – The answer is no. According to health data published by the National Health Service of UK , not all women who have sex for the first time will experience bleeding.

The cause of bleeding or spotting is due to the first penetration that penetrates the hymen. This membrane is a thin sheet of skin that partially covers the entrance to the vagina and is usually torn during sex. However, not always a torn hymen causes bleeding. Read more information below!

It can be torn due to other activities

It should be noted that the hymen can tear not only due to penetration but also other activities, such as exercise and the use of tampons. There are still many people who believe that women who are still virgins will bleed the first night. After reading this article, of course you will get updated information.

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Get to know the hymen more closely

Before knowing further the relationship between the hymen and virginity, you also need to know what the hymen is. What is meant by the hymen or hymen is a thin membrane that covers the vaginal opening. Here are some types of hymen:

  1. Annular Hymen . This membrane encircles the vaginal opening.
  2. Septate Hymen . This membrane is characterized by several open holes.
  3. Cibriform Hymen . This membrane is also characterized by several open holes, but smaller and more numerous.
  4. Introitus . In women who have had sexual intercourse, the membrane opening can be enlarged, but still leaving the hymen tissue.

As we get older, the hymen can change shape. In girls, the hymen is shaped like a crescent moon or small donut. Generally, the hymen is shaped like a ring with a small hole in the middle. The hole allows menstrual blood to drain.

Not only changes in shape, the elasticity of the hymen can also change. As a teenager, the hymen tends to become more elastic. Entering adulthood, the hymen becomes thicker than when he was a teenager. The hymen can change due to the influence of hormonal changes, one of which is the hormone estrogen.

Hymen Relationship and Signs of Virginity

As mentioned above, many people still use bloodstains as a sign of virginity, because women who are still virgins are considered to have an intact hymen.

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However, in fact, spotting blood cannot always be used as a benchmark to determine whether a woman is still a virgin, for the following reasons:

  1. Not only by having sex, but the hymen can also be torn due to other reasons that have been mentioned above.
  2. There are women who are born without a hymen.
  3. The hymen can tear without pain or bleeding.
  4. There are also conditions where women still have an intact hymen after having sex. This is because the hymen is too elastic.
  5. People think that a torn hymen can bleed a large amount of blood. In fact, it is possible that a torn hymen will only have very little blood spots that are not easy to see with the eye.
  6. According to a study, bleeding that occurs as a result of tearing of the hymen during intercourse for the first time, only occurs in some women. If a woman is not aroused enough during intercourse, especially with fear, it is likely that bleeding will occur.

However, if women get enough stimulation, bleeding may not occur. So, bleeding during intercourse for the first time is not always a sign of virginity. Come on, let’s educate ourselves properly and don’t just believe in health information that is not necessarily valid!

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