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Is it safe to accept a sperm donor?

, – The presence of a baby between a married couple is certainly a dream thing. However, for some of those who have difficulty having children, sperm donors can be an alternative option. In various parts of the world, infertility (infertility), as one of the main causes of difficulty for couples to have offspring, makes the sperm donor method quite popular. Then, is this method safe to do?

If you say safe, of course not necessarily. In any medical procedure, to some extent, there will be risks lurking. Even in the case of sperm donors. Although the artificial insemination process using a donor from other people’s sperm can be an alternative that can be tried, it does not mean that this process is free from various risks of problems. Because, in the process, several problems may arise that must be faced. Here are some of them:

5 Reasons Why Sperm Donors Are Trending Abroad

1. Genetic uncertainty

One of the most common risks when receiving donor sperm is an unclear genetic history. That said, there was once a woman in the United States who sued a sperm bank for receiving sperm from the wrong donor. He initially wanted sperm from a white male donor. However, the woman gave birth to a black child from the sperm donor she received.

In addition, donated sperm are usually not only given to one woman. In other words, if, for example, 4 women get sperm from the same donor, their children will certainly have the same genetic makeup, because they come from the same father. Imagine, what if those children grew up and married someone who turned out to be from the same sperm?

2. Offspring with disabilities

Although most sperm banks have strict procedures and high requirements to accept potential donors, it is not impossible if some of them are disabled or have bad sperm. This has the potential to make offspring produced from sperm donors born with defects.

These are 3 stages to be able to donate sperm

Ensure the Sperm Received is Healthy and Quality

Not only determines male fertility , healthy sperm can also determine the success of conception. Before accepting a sperm donor, it is important for expectant mothers to ensure that the sperm they receive is healthy and of good quality. However, in Indonesia, sperm donation is still not permitted, based on Health Law Number 36 of 2009 and Government Regulation on Reproductive Health Number 41 of 2014, which states that both artificial insemination and IVF must be carried out by a married couple.

However, in other countries, which legalize the practice of sperm donation, there are several conditions that must be fulfilled by prospective donors when donating sperm. So, it can be said, not just any sperm can be accepted, you know. What are the selections that are applied to prospective sperm donors?

1. Background Selection

The background is one of the first things that must be checked, when a man wants to donate his sperm. Prospective donors will usually be asked to tell their condition in detail. Starting from genetic conditions, family history, weight and height, race, drug or cigarette use, to work history.

The aim is to ensure that donors fall into the ‘good guys’ category. In fact, at several sperm banks, it is not uncommon for the bank to also assess the appearance of potential donors. This is due to the large number of requests from clients, or potential recipients of sperm donors, who want sperm from men with certain criteria.

5 Conditions You Must Meet If You Are A Sperm Donor

2. Health Test

After checking the background and physical condition, the next step is a medical examination. At this stage, prospective donors will go through a blood test , to check for health problems that may be in them. The aim is to ensure that no disease can be transmitted to the baby in the future.

3. Sperm Examination

Even though they pass the health test, prospective donors will also have their sperm examined, to ensure that the number is sufficient and healthy. This stage is closely related to the age of the donor, because sperm banks generally will not accept men over 40 years of age. The reason is because the sperm of older men are generally no healthier than that of younger men. Therefore, experts will usually choose sperm from men aged 18-39 years. In fact, there are sperm banks that specify 34 years as the maximum limit.

That’s a little explanation about sperm donor sperm donor criteria that need to be known. If you need more information about this or other health problems, don’t hesitate to discuss it with the doctor in the application , via the Contact Doctor feature . It’s easy, discussions with the specialist you want can also be done via Chat or Voice / Video Call . Also get the convenience of buying medicine using the application , anytime and anywhere, your medicine will be delivered directly to your house within an hour. Come on, download it now on the Apps Store or Google Play Store!