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Is it OK to have sex before doing a sperm check?

, – Check sperm is a procedure that can be done to check a man’s sexual condition, including knowing the level of fertility. Just like health checks in general, there are several things that need to be prepared before doing a sperm check. So, is it okay to have sex before doing a sperm check?

Before undergoing a sperm test, it is advisable not to have sex with a partner. The reason is, one of the preparations before checking sperm is to avoid ejaculation, at least 3 days before doing the examination. Apart from that, there are some other preparations that must be made. To be clearer, see the review in the following article!

These are additional tests if the sperm check results are abnormal

Preparation before Checking Sperm

In general, this examination is done to analyze the quantity and quality of a man’s sperm. Not only that, but checking sperm can also help determine the level of male fertility. This examination is done by taking a sperm sample which will be examined in the laboratory. There are several things that will be checked, ranging from sperm count, sperm shape, structure, sperm movement, acidity level (pH), color, volume, to sperm viscosity.

Sperm are cells produced by the male reproductive organs, these cells contain enzymes that have the function of softening the egg cell wall. This allows sperm to enter the egg, resulting in the fertilization process. Well, through this examination it will be known whether the sperm have sufficiently healthy criteria to be able to penetrate the egg cell wall.

Conversely, unhealthy or abnormal sperm cells tend to find it difficult to enter and penetrate the egg. As a result, the conception process can be delayed and pregnancy may be delayed. By knowing the condition of your sperm, you can do a number of things to help improve sperm quality.

This is what includes the results of checking sperm in good condition

There are several things that need to be prepared and considered before undergoing a sperm examination. One of them is not having sex for a while. The reason is, before doing a sperm check you are advised to avoid ejaculation for at least 1-3 days. In addition, there are several other things that must also be prepared.

Before undergoing a sperm check, you should avoid consuming drinks that contain alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco or tobacco products. You should also not take certain drugs, especially drugs that can affect the condition of sperm. Maintaining good physical and mental condition must also be done.

Sperm examination is not recommended to be done when someone is sick or feeling stressed (stress). Because, it can result in inaccurate examination results. If in doubt and need advice before preparing a sperm check, you can try discussing it with the doctor first through the application .

You can easily contact the doctor via Video / Voice Chat or Chat . Download the application on the App Store and Google Play. In addition to discussing preparation for a sperm check, you can also convey problems that have arisen and find out what are the signs that you need a sperm test.

Generally, there are several things that can be identified through a sperm check, including:

1. Male Fertility Level

Fertility problems can make married couples feel anxious. Therefore, there are types of examinations that are performed to check fertility levels. In men, this can be checked through sperm. Men can undergo this examination if they have signs of infertility or are unsuccessful in a pregnancy program , at least after 12 months.

Want to Check Sperm? Here’s the procedure that must be done 


In addition to detecting disease, sperm checks can also be done to determine the success of medical procedures, namely vasectomy. This examination is done to ensure that no sperm is contained in the semen of a man who has just had a vasectomy

3. Detect Disease

A sperm check can also detect a disease, namely Klinefelter’s syndrome. This disease is a genetic disorder characterized by infertility.

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