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Is Cervicitis a Contagious Disease?

, – Of the many diseases that can attack the female sex organs, cervicitis is one that must be watched out for. Cervicitis is inflammation that occurs in the cervix or cervix. The cervix itself is at the very bottom of the uterus which is connected to the vagina.

As with other body tissues, the cervix can also become inflamed for various reasons. For example, infections (for example, sexually transmitted infections) and non-infectious factors (for example, irritants or allergies). Well, this inflammation can be indicated by bleeding from Miss V outside the menstrual period, pain during intercourse or abnormal discharge from Miss V.

Difference between cervicitis and cervical cancer that you need to know

In most cases, problems with the female sex organs are more common in women under the age of 25. The question is, is cervicitis a contagious disease?

Marked by Various Symptoms

Actually, many people with cervicitis do not feel any symptoms. They just realized they had this disease after undergoing a doctor’s examination for other reasons. However, there are some people who experience symptoms of cervicitis, such as:

  • Frequent and painful urination.

  • Dyspareunia.

  • Discharge from vagina that is unusual and in large quantities. The discharge can be pale yellow, grayish in color with an unpleasant odor.

  • Fever.

  • Back pain.

  • Pain in the pelvis or abdomen.

  • Bleeding from vagina during intercourse.

  • Miss V feels pain.

  • The pelvis feels depressed.

Here are 8 causes of cervicitis that need to be known

Monitor the Causes of Cervicitis

The culprit of this disease is a bacterial or viral infection that occurs during intercourse. For example, infections that spread from sexual intercourse are gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and genital herpes. Even so, besides infection there are several other conditions that can cause cervicitis. Example:

  • Cancer or side effects of cancer treatments.

  • Irritation or injury from wearing a tampon.

  • Hormonal imbalance, in which estrogen levels are much lower than progesterone levels. This is what interferes with the body’s ability to maintain cervical health.

  • Allergic reactions to spermicides or latex substances from contraceptives and feminine products.

  • Uncontrolled growth of normal flora (good bacteria) in Miss V.

What needs to be underlined, there are also several factors that can increase a person to develop cervicitis. For example, having unsafe sex, active sex since young, and having a history of cervicitis or sexually transmitted diseases.

Then, is cervicitis a contagious disease? In conclusion, cervicitis is not a contagious disease, it’s just that sexually transmitted diseases can cause cervicitis.

Treatment Methods for Cervicitis

The person may not need treatment for cervicitis if a sexually transmitted infection is not the cause. If the cause of infection is suspected, the main goal of treatment is to eliminate the infection and prevent it from spreading to the uterus and fallopian tubes.

The drug given depends on the organism causing the infection. Antibiotics are most often given, for example Gonorrhea infection is given the systemic drug Ceftriaxone , trichomoniasis given metronidazole , and so on. Antifungal drugs can be given if suspicion points to the cause of the fungus.

 Can People With Chronic Cervicitis Get Pregnant?

Patients are advised not to have sex beforehand until they are finally cured, because it can worsen the disease and spread to partners. Essential care in HIV-positive patients. This is because cervicitis increases the amount of virus present from the cervix. If symptoms persist despite treatment, the patient should be re-evaluated by a doctor immediately.

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