Dyspareunia Sex

Intimate Sex Feels Pain, Maybe These Are 4 Causes

, – Having sex is one thing that is normal to do, especially for married couples. This can maintain a close relationship between the two. Even so, engaging in sexual activity may cause pain.

The pain that occurs during intercourse can cause problems. Pain during intercourse in the medical world is also called dyspareunia . Apart from physical pain during intercourse, mental health may also be affected. The pain can be caused by several disorders, here is the review!

Know the 4 Causes of Pain During Intimate Intercourse

Causes of Intimate Relationship Painful

Intimate relationships that can cause pain are common in women. This can occur due to structural problems, to psychological problems. Not a few women experience pain during intercourse.

In medical terms, sex that causes pain is called dyspareunia. This disorder can occur repeatedly right before, during, or after sexual intercourse. About 75 percent of women will experience pain when engaging in sexual activity.

Although pain during intercourse is very common, this does not mean it can be considered normal. Minor pain may not worry you. However, if the pain is severe and intense, you should get a diagnosis and treatment immediately.

Intimate relationship should be a pleasant experience. If this is not the case, you must know what could have caused it. Here are some things that can cause sex pain:

1. First Time Intimate

When having sex for the first time, most women will experience pain during penetration. This is a natural thing to happen. Some women will bleed and some will not. The pain that occurs is generally only temporary. The hymen is not stretched generally what causes pain during the first penetration.

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2. Lack of lubrication

In most women, the vaginal walls will respond to stimulation. This will produce fluid that can moisturize the vagina and make penetration easier. You may need more time for stimulation, or be nervous or tense. This makes penetration difficult and painful.

Inadequate lubrication can also be caused by decreased estrogen levels. This can make the vaginal tissue more brittle, so that less fluid is produced. Generally, this occurs after childbirth or on hormone therapy after breast cancer.

3 Causes of Dyspareunia, Pain During Intimate Intercourse

3. Vaginismus

Another cause of painful sex is vaginismus. This occurs when the vaginal muscles squeeze or tense when something is about to enter. This can be uncomfortable or painful.

The cause of this condition is not certain, but it is said to come from feelings of fear or anxiety about having sex. Some women can experience this disorder in any situation. If you experience this disorder, it’s good to immediately ask the expert doctor at .

4. Local infection

Some infections that occur in the vagina, such as monilia or trichomoniasis, can cause pain during intercourse. This can cause the infection to expand upon penetration. Immediate medical attention is needed so that its spread can be overcome.