In order not to get nervous, these are tips for preparing the first night for women

, – The first night is certainly the moment most eagerly awaited by every newly married couple. Not just having a physical relationship as husband and wife, the first night is also a sign of the start of domestic life.

However, for women, facing the first night can be a tense thing. There are many myths that say intercourse for the first time is painful for women. So that you don’t feel nervous, here are some tips for preparing the first night for women.

  1. Doing Self Care

Approaching the day of the wedding and the first night, you as a bride and groom are required to do beauty treatments from head to toe. This is so that you feel more confident about facing the first night. Self-care that needs to be done in preparation for the first night includes scrubs to brighten your skin, waxing , and a vaginal spa to scent your feminine area. There is nothing wrong with asking the doctor directly through the application to maintain the health of the female area.

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2. Prepare the room as romantic as possible

The wedding room is also one of the important things that you must prepare for the first night. Make your bed and put on red, pink, or white sheets, so you and your partner can have a comfortable first night.

Then, make the room atmosphere as romantic as possible by sprinkling rose petals on the bed and dim the lights, which are useful for increasing the mood and passion for intimacy. Well, there’s nothing wrong with using aromatherapy fragrances to help the body relax.

3. Find Out Information About Intimate Relationships

Reporting from Harvard Health Publishing, it is very important to prepare yourself with knowledge about intimate relationships before marriage. With sufficient preparation of information, of course you are better prepared and understand what will happen when having sex with your partner.

There is a lot you can find out about having sex, for example how to satisfy your partner, things that need to be done during sex, or things to do after you have sex.

4. Get to know the ins and outs of your own body

One of the reasons the first night can be painful is because usually women find it difficult to arouse. Therefore, you need to know the ins and outs of your own body and find points of stimulation that can provide the highest pleasure. Guide your partner to stimulate these points, so that the penetration process can run smoothly and painlessly.

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5. Provide Lubricant

The first night is sure to be smooth and unhindered. Even though you may have tried to relax and enjoy stimulation, your vagina may still be dry.

It doesn’t hurt to prepare lubricant near the bed when you and your partner are going to have sex to facilitate the penetration process. But don’t choose the wrong lubricant to use, choose a water-based one to avoid irritation or allergies.

  1. Do it when you are mentally ready

Having sex is one of the activities that should be fun. Reporting from The Health Site, you should not feel stressed or pressured when you have to have sex.

It is very important to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally right before you have sex. It’s best to have intercourse slowly so that it becomes a pleasant experience.

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  1. Do it slowly

If you and your partner decide that you have decided to have sex for the first time, you should do this activity slowly and not in a hurry. Don’t miss doing foreplay with your partner.

Foreplay is one of the things you need to do before having sex. There are many ways you can do it as foreplay , for example hugging intimately, kissing or saying affectionately to your partner. Foreplay can be used as an approach to a partner before starting an intimate relationship. That way, you avoid nervous conditions.

So, doing some of the tips above will keep you from feeling nervous about preparing for the first night. Remember, make this moment more intimate with your partner.

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