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In order for marriage to last, don't ask your partner these 5 things

, – Maintaining a good relationship is one of the keys to a lasting marriage . One way to do this is to avoid things that could make things worse, especially trivial questions that don’t really need to be asked to your partner.

In fact, in life not everything needs to be asked and not all questions need answers. There are several types of questions that are actually trivial, but sensitive in nature and should be avoided in order to make the marriage more lasting. So, what are the questions that you shouldn’t ask your partner?

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1. When Will You Change?

Naturally, if you want to have a partner who can understand and match your wishes. But, that doesn’t mean you have to force Si Him to change into someone else. Instead of being romantic, forcing a partner to change can actually make a relationship crack and a marriage unsustainable.

Everyone is at risk of talking wrong, especially when fighting with a partner. However, it’s good to avoid the question “when to change?” which can make the relationship uncomfortable. It is better if you and him try to understand each other and accept differences, so that the marriage relationship will be more harmonious.

2. Me or your mother?

In the household , quarrels and differences of opinion with extended families are normal. But when this happens, you should never ask questions and make your partner have to choose between you or your family. It can actually make things more cloudy and can have a negative impact on the marriage relationship.

3. What are the benefits of your hobby?

One of the causes of fights that are actually trivial is a matter of hobbies. You and your He may have different interests and hobbies. Sometimes, it can make someone feel lonely when their partner is busy carrying out a hobby. Instead of thinking like that, try to find a passion and start a new hobby.

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In fact, having a hobby can make someone healthier, you know. Because, doing activities with things you like can help delay premature aging and create positive feelings, which are useful for fighting disease. But of course, you and your partner must manage the best possible time and still make time for “ quality time ” together.

4. Don’t Try to Understand?

It’s okay to feel like your partner wants to be noticed and understood. But, you can’t force Si He to understand in the same way as your friends. In fact, everyone has their own way of showing love and care. You may feel like your partner is not paying attention, but believe me, he understands in his own way.

When you feel that you are not being cared for, it’s best to avoid the question “Don’t you want to try to understand?” which can make your partner feel uncomfortable. Instead, you can try to ask questions that are subtle and non-offensive.

5. See what, really?

When walking together, you might catch your partner paying attention to other people, especially those of the opposite sex. If that’s the case, don’t rush into anger and ask “what are you looking at?”. Because, it can make your partner feel mistrusted and accused. Just believe in yourself that your partner has accepted and loves you for who you are.

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