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Impact of Mental Health Experienced by Pedophilia Victims

, – Sexual crimes always leave wounds on the victim, especially in terms of mental health. Imagine if the victims of sexual crimes were children. For example, in the case of pedophilia . What mental health impacts can child victims of pedophilia experience?

Pedophilia is a type of sexual disorder that causes sufferers to have sexual desires for children, especially those who are under the age of 14. The American Psychiatric Association has stated that pedophilia is not really a mental disorder. Except, if this sexual disorder makes the sufferer unable to control themselves and impose their will on others.

Parents Must Be Alert, Pedophilia Targeting Children

This is the Mental Health Impact of Child Pedophilia Victims 

Experiencing sexual crimes is bad for the mental health of children. Many of them experience trauma, insecurity, difficulty accepting circumstances, depression, and other psychological disorders. Children who are victims of sexual crimes can turn out to be angry and sensitive to everything. This of course can lead to depression.

Emotional disturbances experienced by children who are victims of pedophilia can also cause them to become aggressive. In fact, it is not impossible for them to do things that can endanger themselves. Therefore, it is important to take care of the mental health impacts that child victims of pedophilia may experience.

Help children to get back up and be able to see life in a more positive light. In most cases, child victims of sexual crimes are prone to mental health problems, so they need social support from their family and closest people.

Characteristics of People with Pedophilia that Need to Be Known

So, if you feel your child is becoming more sensitive or you know that your child has become a victim of pedophilia, embrace him and ask for help from a specialist, such as a psychologist. To make it easier, you can download the application to make an appointment with a child psychologist at the hospital , then invite the child to join a counseling session together.

If not treated immediately, trauma to child victims of pedophilia can last in the long term, and eventually affect their life as an adult. Child victims of sexual crimes may find it difficult to have a healthy sexual life or refuse to do anything related to it, be very secretive, use illegal drugs or have thoughts of ending their own life

How to Protect Children from Becoming Victims of Pedophilia

Raising awareness and giving the right understanding can help protect children from becoming victims of sexual crimes. Prevention is always better than cure. However, what can parents do?

There are several efforts that parents can do to protect their children from sexual crime “predators”, namely:

1. Make sure the child is always under supervision

After passing under five years of age, children are increasingly separated from their parents, because their world scope becomes wider. Parents certainly cannot always be with their children, for example when they go to school, take classes, or play with their friends. Even so, make sure your child is under the supervision of a trusted adult.

It is also important to get to know all the friends and people the child is familiar with. Pay special attention to the child’s relationships with those who are older than him. Even including relatives or people close to you need to be aware of.

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Little One from Pedophilia

2. Recognize Children’s Unusual Attitudes

The lack of knowledge about many things, peppered with fear and anxiety, makes child victims of pedophilia confused and choose to be silent. Robin Castle, manager of child sexual abuse prevention at Prevent Child Abuse Vermont, said it is important for parents to pay attention to signs or unusual attitudes shown by children.

Some children may show physical signs such as sudden urinary tract infection, or redness and swelling in their genital area. Other children may experience sudden abdominal pain, headaches, or bed-wetting. Also suspect behavioral signs such as angry outbursts, sleep problems, withdrawal, or a decline in grades.

3. Teach Children to Protect Themselves

As early as possible, explain to children about body parts that are private, and should not be touched by anyone. Give him ownership of his body and ask the child to tell the parents if there are adults who touch his body frequently.

Those are the things parents need to do to protect their children from sex offenders. Always provide assistance and understanding so that children are able to grow well.

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