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Impact of Intimate Relationships Before & After Marriage on Health

, – Intimate relationship is an activity that can actually provide health for the body and mind. Yes, a good intimate relationship will improve the quality of human life. However, this applies if the person doing it is already married.

For some people, having sex before marriage is fine. However, you need to know the impact of intimate relationships before and after marriage on your health.

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Impact of Intimate Relationships Before Marriage

Intimate relations before marriage seem to have become commonplace for some people. However, in Eastern culture such as in Indonesia, intimate relations before marriage should be avoided because it will have several impacts on your health.


  • Give Emotional Impact on Someone’s Self


In religion, having sex before marriage is a sin. This will make a person feel quite emotional, it can be in the form of anxiety, stress, or even the most severe is depression. Having a high enough level of stress or depression will certainly disrupt your health pattern.


  • Contracting Gender Diseases


One disease that is quite dangerous and cannot be cured is HIV. HIV can occur because of having sex with more than one person and done continuously. In other words, avoid promiscuity so you can avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


  • Couples Will Lose Sexual Desire


Activities that are done too often will not only damage the intimacy between you and your partner, but can also frustrate it to a further stage. If you and your partner succeed in entering the next level, chances are your partner or even yourself will lose sexual desire. In fact, this can interfere with your married life in the future.

Impact of Intimate Relationships After Marriage

In fact, intimate relations after marriage are not only to fulfill biological needs, there are many benefits of having sex for good health if done after marriage.


  • Intimate Relationships Can Be Made One Of The Favorite Sports


Intimate relationship is one sport that is quite fun. Having sex makes the body burn 4 calories per minute. In addition, if you are diligent in having sex with your partner, you can make all parts of your body muscles taut. Because during intercourse, all muscles move too.


  • Healthier Heart


If you have an orgasm, your heart rate will beat the equivalent of your heart when doing light exercise. Having sex at least twice a week can reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent when compared to having sex once a month.


  • Increase Immunity


The strength of your immune system depends on how often you have sex with your partner. Immunogluboline levels in people who have sexual intercourse 2 to 3 times a week are 30 percent higher than in people who do not have sexual intercourse regularly.

Here are 7 Benefits of Intimate Relationships for Health

We recommend that you have sex at the right time and partner. If you have complaints about the health of your sex organs, you can ask a specialist through the application . Come on, download the application via the App Store or Google Play right now!

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