July 9, 2020

How to Use Vigrx Plus Pills, Oil, and Semenax for Male Enhancement

How to use Vigrx Plus pills, oil, and semenax for male enhancement? Male sexual problems like premature ejaculation, impotence, and erectile dysfunction are not new things in this world. However, the number of men with those problems is increasing for some problems. Mostly, it is due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, Vigrx is a viagra brand that gives you a solution for all of them. There are some types of Vigrx products available in the market. They are in the form of pills, oil, and semenax. How to use them?

Vigrx Plus Pills

The pill has some benefits if you consume them regularly. It is to increase the penis’ size, improve erectile ability, relieve premature ejaculation problems, and improve the sexual stamina. You need to consume 2 pills per day every morning and evening after breakfast and dinner. Additionally, you can also consume it once more around 30 minutes before intercourse. The unique herbal formulation enhances the penis tissues as well as help Corpora Cavernosa to increase its capacity during erectile.

Vigrx Plus Oil

Similar to the pill, Vigrx Plus oil also has the same functions, they are to fasten and improve the process of ejaculation. The penis is even ejaculated longer and thicker than before. How to use it is easy. Apply the oil on the entire penis while adding a reflection massage to use. It is suggested not to use tight pants so that the improvement process is more effective. It is better to apply the oil at least twice a day before sleeping and after waking up in the morning. After smearing the oil, your penis should not be wet for some minutes. Wait for the result around 3 days, it will be seen.


Semenax refers to capsules that have the same functions as Vigrx Plus. However, it has a more specific function; to fertilize the sperm. So, if you have a baby program with your wife but it still fails, you can try to consume this capsule. How to use it is also the same. The dosage is twice a day in the morning and in the evening before having dishes. Sure, you cannot consume it together with Vigrx Plus pills. But if you want to have multiple benefits by using both, use it together with Vigrx Plus Oil. You should go to the doctor first to know how well of using both products together. The doctor may suggest you choose one of them if you belong to certain conditions.

So where you can all these products? Unfortunately, they are not sold on store.

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