How to use a condom, be careful not to tear it!

, – As the most popular contraception today, condoms are commonly used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. In order for the benefits of using this condom to work, you shouldn’t put it wrong. This is the correct way to use a condom , don’t tear it !

  1. Open the condom

It is best to open the condom with your bare hands. Avoid opening it with teeth, razors, scissors, or other sharp objects because it has the potential to damage the condom.

  1. Check the direction of the condom

Check the direction of the condom using your index finger, insert your finger into the condom and gently pull it down. If the condom extends, it means the condom is in the correct direction. Position the condom as before so that it is easy to use.

  1. Make sure Mr. P Already Erection

Always use a condom when Mr. P is in a state of full erection. This is to prevent leakage and sperm from dripping out.

  1. Pinch the end of the condom

Pinch the end of the condom using your forefinger and thumb. The goal is that too much air does not form in the condom, and the tip of the condom can function as a sperm sac when ejaculating.

  1. Pull the condom towards the base of Mr. P

Pull the condom toward the base Mr. P slowly. So, for example, you make a mistake when you use a condom, immediately throw the condom away and get a new one. Because after an erection, Mr. P has released pre-cum fluid which may contain sperm.

  1. Lubricant Will Be Very Helpful

If necessary, use lubricant. This will reduce the friction of the condom against Miss. V. For latex based condoms, avoid oil based lubricants as they will damage the condom.

  1. Stop, Check Your Condom

During intercourse, double check whether your condom is in the correct position? If your condom is loose, replace it immediately. This fleeting action can help you from unwanted pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. Take off the condom

Remove the condom by pulling the tip of the condom and holding the bottom of the condom so that sperm do not drip out. Take off the condom from Mr. P must be done with extra caution. Because if you are reckless, the liquid in the condom can spill and cause the risk of pregnancy or infection.

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