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How to Shave Pubic Hair Properly?

, – Routine shaving of pubic hair is important to maintain the health and cleanliness of the intimate area. Although it sounds easy and trivial, but shaving the hair in the pubic area is something that should not be done carelessly. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the mistakes that are often made when losing hair.

Although pubic hair cannot be seen like head hair, treatment of this area should not be done carelessly. It is very important to always pay attention to when and how to shave pubic hair. There are several mistakes that are often made when shaving pubic hair and should not be taken lightly. The more often done, these mistakes can trigger disturbances around the sex organs.

Before Shaving Pubic Hair, Pay Attention To These 5 Things

Tips for Shaving Pubic Hair Safely

The main purpose of shaving pubic hair is to maintain cleanliness. However, if done in an inappropriate manner, this can actually increase the risk of various disorders appearing in the intimate area. There are various mistakes that are often made in shaving pubic hair, including cutting too short, shaving irregularly, and shaving when dry. To be safer, there are two methods of shaving pubic hair that you can try.

  • Using a razor

Shaving pubic hair can be done with a razor, aka shaving . Generally, this method of shaving is done at home. Even so, shaving pubic hair with this method should be done carefully. Also make sure to always change your razors regularly and do not share or use someone else’s razor.

Shaving pubic hair should follow the direction of hair growth, not the other way around. Use a special cream when shaving and anti-knife regularly or when needed. Using a razed razor or someone else’s use can be a medium for spreading bacteria and triggering health problems. Also make sure to choose a razor that is specifically designed for shaving. If in doubt, you can choose a disposable razor for cleaning pubic hair.

How to Shave the Wrong Pubic Hair Can Cause Irritation

  • Waxing

Apart from the shaving method or using a razor, trimming pubic hair can also be done by waxing . This method is done by plucking or shedding hair on the pubic area. Waxing can actually be done at home, but it’s best done by a trained therapist. It guarantees a shaving result and ensures cleanliness.

Waxing is usually done at a beauty salon or clinic. However, if you want to do it yourself at home, you should pay attention to several things, from choosing a safe wax liquid to waiting for the right time to wax . Apply wax to the area of pubic hair that you want to remove, then apply a special waxing strip or layer and press it.

Let the strips sit for a few minutes, then remove them. The pubic hair will also be pulled out with the waxing strip . This method is often used as an option because the results tend to last longer than shaving . In the waxing method , the pubic hairs are pulled out at the roots, but they will continue to grow after a while.

This Risk of Lazy Pubic Hair Shaving in Women

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