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How to Prevent Children from Becoming Sexual Violators

, – Recently a viral video of a high school student in North Sulawesi was circulating who was being bullied and also being groped by a group of high school students . In the video, the high school student is held and groped by several students and some students.

According to health data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2018 there were 1 billion children aged 2-17 years who experienced physical, sexual and emotional violence. Experiencing sexual violence as a child has a profound impact on health and well-being in the future. Complete information is below!

Why Can Someone Be a Sexual Assault?

WHO notes there are several factors that put a child into sexual violence. These factors are biological conditions, such as gender and age, education level, income, mental health problems, use of alcohol and drugs and have experienced previous violence.

Explaining Children About Sexual Abuse 

When it comes to a child being a sex offender, there are many factors behind it. Starting from personal life, interaction with family, the scope of friendship, to the socio-cultural community and government.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, other things that trigger a child to become a sex offender could be because:

  1. Lack of emotional connection between children and parents.
  2. Poor parenting practices.
  3. Separation between parents, or parents, cannot provide physical and emotional needs to children.
  4. Witnessed childhood violence.
  5. Early marriage or forced marriage.
  6. Poverty.
  7. High population density.
  8. Social and gender norms that create a climate where violence is commonplace.
  9. There is no or insufficient social protection in the community.
  10. Situations that occur after a conflict or natural disaster.
  11. Weak governance arrangements and poor law enforcement.

Preventing Children from Committing Sexual Violence

After reading the risk factors above, it can be concluded how the role of the family can make children what kind of figures they play in society. It cannot be denied that childhood experiences, interactions with family, and the role of parental protection can shape the character and characteristics of children.

According to health data published by the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council , 2015, children need appropriate care that includes the emotional and physiological protection necessary to meet a child’s standards for growth and development.

Know the Characteristics of Psychopaths in Children

In the stage of child development, it is very important for parents to instill the values of equality and to give sympathy and empathy to others. This will make children learn to understand that in social situations, it is very important to pay attention to the feelings of others.

Life is not for yourself, there are other people around who also have interests, problems, and feelings that should be taken care of. Gender issues are also important to instill in children.

How to respect the opposite sex, same sex, how to put oneself in an uncomfortable condition or something that does not match expectations. Defend yourself in a way that is reasonable, not excessive, and still in accordance with the norm.

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