How to Maintain Sex Stamina Even though Long Married

– Many factors can disrupt household harmony. One of them is sexual performance which tends to decline with age. But, is it true that sexual satisfaction after marriage will decrease? Are there any tips for maintaining sexual stamina even though you have been married for a long time? Here is the answer.

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Sex Satisfaction After Long Marriage Can Decrease

Sexual satisfaction, although often seen as taboo, can be the key to household harmony and integrity. The reason is, married couples (couples) who have sex regularly (at least once a week) are believed to be happier than couples who rarely make love. This proves that sex has an important role in keeping the relationship long lasting.

But unfortunately, sexual desire can decrease with age of marriage. This decrease in sexual desire is thought to be caused by many factors, including busyness and age. As you get older, your body experiences a decrease in sex hormones, which results in decreased sexual desire.

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Maintaining Sexual Passion and Stamina Despite Long Married

1. Open to each other

Communication is important in building a household. If you have problems, such as having difficulty finding the right time to have sex or not being able to reach climax, it’s best to talk directly to your partner. That way, your partner can understand and help you to find solutions to the problems at hand.

2. Stay Feeling Like The New Bride

There is nothing wrong with always feeling like a newlywed, aka maintaining romance with your partner. For example, you and your partner spend time together, even if it’s just watching a movie or dinner.

3. Experiments on the bed

To keep sexual intercourse excited, try new things in bed. For example, by engaging in foreplay, sexual toys, or trying new and more challenging sex positions. However, make sure you discuss it with your partner before doing anything new.

Apart from Maintaining Sexual Passion, Avoid This So That The Relationship Remains Lasting

Domestic relations are not just sexual. Therefore, there are various ways to maintain household harmony. Apart from maintaining sexual stamina even though you have been married for a long time, there are some trivial things that should be avoided. Among them are not being focused when talking to your partner, choosing silence and ignoring your partner, lack of curiosity about your partner’s daily life, busy with your own assumptions, and harboring grievances for a long time.

How about keeping household relationships harmonious? Each partner certainly has a different way. But in general, there are ways you can do to keep household relationships harmonious. Starting from showing affection, maintaining good communication, inserting humor, don’t hesitate to give appreciation, keep promises, appreciate the partner’s existence, and spend time with your partner in between busynesses.

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That’s how to maintain sexual stamina for married couples who have been married for a long time. If you and your partner have complaints about fertility or sexual performance, don’t hesitate to talk to a specialist. Without the need to queue, you can immediately make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital of choice here. You can also ask questions at the doctor by downloading the application.