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How Long Can Sperm Last in Water?

, – There are many myths about the causes of pregnancy that are still believed. A woman is said to be pregnant simply by holding hands with a man, touching sperm, or swimming in a pool with a man. Please note, not all information circulating must contain facts and must be taken for granted.

Pregnancy occurs because there is a process of fertilization of an egg by sperm. Generally, the process occurs after penetration, aka intimate relations with a partner. It is highly unlikely that sperm can “swim” in the pool and cause pregnancy. The sperm itself has a lifespan not long after being released.

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How Long Does Sperm Last Outside the Body

Sperm can only last for 20-60 minutes after ejaculation or out of the body. The age of the sperm outside the body depends on the environment and exposure to air. The male body releases sperm along with semen which is “in charge” to fertilize an egg and then create a pregnancy .

However, that too did not happen easily. Sperm have to travel a long way to penetrate the vagina, then fertilize the egg. Acidic conditions in the vagina make many sperm that eventually die and fail to fertilize. That is the reason why there are many sperm that are released by the body, even though only one is needed for fertilization.

Apart from direct penetration, chances of pregnancy are still there if sperm sticks to the vaginal area. A woman’s body is an environment that is quite fitting for sperm to survive, which can be up to five days. If environmental conditions remain moist, sperm may continue to live and eventually find their way to the cervix until they fertilize an egg.

However, the chances of pregnancy occurring because the sperm that are “scattered” in the swimming pool are very low, almost impossible. Sperm are designed to be able to move quickly to the egg, but they cannot “swim” freely and search for a woman’s body. In addition, sperm will also have difficulty penetrating swimwear and skin.

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In some swimming pools, there may be chemicals or water temperatures that are quite warm. In such environmental conditions, sperm will die in seconds. This means that sperm cannot fertilize and cause pregnancy. From this explanation it can be concluded that pregnancy is not possible just because women swim in the same pool as men.

So, what if intercourse is done in the water or in a swimming pool? If so, the chances of getting pregnant are still there. The reason is, penetration causes sperm to enter and be stored in the vagina. When that happens, conditions outside the body, including water from the swimming pool, will not affect sperm. Fertilization can still occur if the sperm is strong enough and quickly penetrates the cervix.

Looking for information about health, including pregnancy is a good thing and needs to be done. However, that does not mean that all information should be swallowed up. In fact, there is a lot of information circulating without clear sources and containing facts.

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