High cholesterol

High Cholesterol Is Not Just Caused by Food

– It is well known that indiscriminate eating and snacking causes high cholesterol levels in the blood. Especially if you like to eat foods high in saturated fat and trans fat. Saturated fats are common in beef, lamb, butter, cream and cheese.

Meanwhile, trans fats are unsaturated fats that have gone through the hydrogenation process, so that the fat changes its properties and configuration. The hydrogenation process itself is a process of converting liquid oil into solid fat. As with saturated fats, trans fats can also cause high cholesterol in the body.

This is because fat can lower good cholesterol levels and increase bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It’s better for you to eat foods with unsaturated fats to help control cholesterol levels in the body.

This is How to Recognize Signs of High Cholesterol

You need to know that high cholesterol levels in the body are not only caused by food, but also the following:

  • Age factor

The age factor is one of the causes of high cholesterol. As you get older, the possibility of developing high cholesterol will be even greater. Why does age affect? This is due to changes in body function and metabolism which are also decreasing. So, it is not surprising that elderly people have higher levels of bad cholesterol than young people under their age.

  • Obesity

The next cause of high cholesterol is having excess body weight. Being overweight is a sign of excess levels of fat in the body. If there is excess fat, it is likely that cholesterol levels are also high. Not only high cholesterol, obesity can also increase the risk of heart disease.

  • Lazy to move

Lazy to move and lazy to exercise are one of the causes of high cholesterol in the body. Especially if you like to eat unhealthy foods and are rich in fat content. If this is done regularly, the accumulation of fat will continue to settle in the blood vessels. Exercise can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Beware of Complications Caused by High Cholesterol

  • Smoke

One of the habits that causes high cholesterol is smoking. This is due to the acrolein found in cigarettes. These substances can affect bad cholesterol levels in the body by blocking the action of the enzymes responsible for keeping bad cholesterol levels at normal limits.

Without these enzymes, bad cholesterol levels in the body are susceptible to oxidation processes. The oxidation process can change the molecular structure and cause the immune system to no longer recognize bad cholesterol. If it happens, this will result in a buildup of bad cholesterol in the body. Because of this, smoking can be one of the causes of high cholesterol levels in the blood.

If bad cholesterol levels accumulate in the bloodstream, the higher your risk of having a heart attack and stroke. Therefore, quitting smoking is one of the best efforts you can do to avoid high cholesterol as well as other dangerous diseases and health problems.

Healthy Snacks to Prevent High Cholesterol

Not only active smokers are dangerous, passive smokers also have the same high risk of developing artery blockages that can lead to various heart problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. So, even though you don’t smoke, you need to avoid cigarette smoke to avoid high cholesterol too.

If you suspect something is wrong with your health condition, immediately discuss with the doctor in the application about the health complaints you are experiencing. If proper treatment is done, you will avoid a number of complications that endanger your health.

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