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High Cholesterol, Beware of These 4 Conditions

– Living a healthy diet is one way that can be done to avoid various health problems, one of which is high cholesterol. Cholesterol that is within normal limits provides many benefits for the body, such as helping the body produce vitamin D, a number of hormones, and bile acids to digest fat.

Do not overdo it, the body also needs cholesterol

Everyone needs a different level of cholesterol in the blood. There is nothing wrong with checking cholesterol levels regularly to prevent cholesterol conditions from rising. Cholesterol levels that are too high can cause health problems.

Beware of Health Problems Due to High Cholesterol

A person is said to have high cholesterol, when the cholesterol level in the blood exceeds the normal limit of cholesterol levels that should be. Generally, some cholesterol is produced in the liver, and partly from the types of food consumed. In the body, cholesterol is carried by proteins known as lipoproteins.

There are two types of lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, namely LDL ( low density lipoprotein ) and HDL ( high density lipoprotein ). LDL carries cholesterol from the liver to organs that need cholesterol. Meanwhile, HDL functions to transport cholesterol back to the liver. Once in the liver, cholesterol is destroyed and excreted in feces.

Experiencing High Cholesterol Symptoms, When Should You Go to the Doctor?

Excess cholesterol conditions in the body can deposit on the walls of blood vessels and cause plaque. This plaque causes blood flow to be interrupted due to constriction. It never hurts to always be aware of the health problems experienced when cholesterol levels in the blood exceed normal limits.

1. High Blood Pressure

Reporting from the Cleveland Clinic , high blood pressure or hypertension is associated with high cholesterol. When excess cholesterol in the blood settles and becomes plaque, it can cause constriction of blood vessels. The narrowing that occurs makes the heart need to work harder to pump blood. If allowed to run long enough, blood pressure can turn high beyond normal conditions.

2. Stroke

Stroke is also closely related to the condition of high cholesterol in the blood. Reporting from the Cleveland Clinic , a stroke occurs when the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the brain become blocked or burst. When oxygen is lacking in the brain, a person is at risk of having a stroke .

3. Heart Disorders

Plaque that occurs due to cholesterol buildup on the walls of blood vessels can cause heart problems. This is due to the appearance of plaque on the walls of blood vessels, which can cause narrowing of the blood vessels which risks blocking blood flow to the heart. The presence of disrupted blood flow makes blood flow to the heart also reduced. This condition increases the risk of heart problems, such as a heart attack.

4. Diabetes

Reporting from WebMD , diabetes is a disease associated with high cholesterol. For that, always maintain a good diet to avoid diabetes and high cholesterol. Glucose in the blood can stick to lipoproteins. These glucose-coated LDL lipoproteins can stay in the bloodstream for a long time and cause a buildup that increases the risk of plaque forming on the walls of blood vessels. In general, people with diabetes often experience low HDL, which increases the risk of heart problems.

Know 7 Natural Ways to Lower High Cholesterol

To reduce the appearance of these health problems, it is better to control cholesterol levels in the blood so that the body’s health is not disturbed. Do a healthy lifestyle by regularly exercising, consuming more healthy foods, and increasing your consumption of water. Not only that, quitting smoking also keeps you from high cholesterol.

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