High cholesterol

High Cholesterol, Avoid These 4 Unhealthy Foods

, – Cholesterol is a substance needed by the body to produce vitamin D and several hormones . However, if the content is too high in the body, several diseases and complications may occur and be dangerous for sufferers.

About 30 percent of the cholesterol content is obtained through food that enters the body. Therefore, it is very important to maintain daily food consumption so that your body remains healthy and prevents high cholesterol . Here are some foods you should avoid!

Take a peek at High Cholesterol Lowering Foods and Drinks

Prevent High Cholesterol by Avoiding Unhealthy Foods

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is produced by the body and also enters the body through the foods you consume from animal products, such as meat, eggs, and milk. Even though it is known to be detrimental, it turns out that the function of this substance is fairly important. This content can help bile to digest fat.

Cholesterol is also an essential component of every cell in the body to provide strength and flexibility to cell membranes. Cholesterol content that harms the body is LDL or bad cholesterol. If the bad cholesterol content is high in the body, many disorders may occur.

Therefore, limiting the consumption of some foods that can cause high cholesterol is very important to do. Here are foods that you should avoid for consumption in order to keep your body healthy and avoid diseases caused by high cholesterol:

  1. Fried

Something that is fried, be it in oil or margarine, the cholesterol level will increase dramatically. What’s more, some people sell fried oil that has been used many times. Therefore, restriction of fried foods is very important, and the alternative is to eat steamed or boiled foods.

If you have questions about foods to avoid because they contain high cholesterol, just ask the doctor at . You only need to download the application on the smartphone you are using! In addition, you can also buy medicines without leaving the house with this application.

Having High Cholesterol, Consume These 10 Foods

  1. Fast food

You should also avoid fast food or junk food . It is stated that these foods have low nutritional levels and are rich in fat which is prone to causing high cholesterol. What you can do is reduce the habit of consuming these fast food.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to cook the food that you will consume at home. By choosing basic ingredients that are good for the body, how to cook them can also keep cholesterol in the body normal. In addition, you can also ensure that what you consume is good cholesterol.

  1. Processed Meat

Some processed meats, such as sausages, bacon , and hot dogs , contain high cholesterol, so their consumption should be limited. By eating these foods, you may have a higher risk of heart disease and cancer. A person who regularly consumes this food, the increased risk will increase significantly.

6 Foods to Lower High Cholesterol

  1. Sweet Food

Sweet food is something that is a favorite of many people. Some types of these foods are cookies, ice cream, and others. Apparently, the content in it tends to have high cholesterol, plus too many fat and calories from the sugar there.

Someone who eats these foods regularly can cause bad effects on health and increase body weight. With the combination of high cholesterol and obesity, you can experience a higher risk of heart disease and several other dangerous diseases.

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