Here's Male Sex Performance Towards the End of 40 Years

– Most people think that the most exciting time to have sex is when they are young, between 25 and 35 years. Of course, this is because physical performance is still so excellent. Then, how does sex perform when entering the late 40s?

Apparently, men will be more exciting when having sex when they are over 40 years old. A survey conducted in Canada stated that the older a person gets, the more exciting and satisfying sexual activity one will provide and get. In essence, age does not have a major influence on sexual pleasure.

Although at the age of 40 the male hormone testosterone will experience a decrease, in fact this does not decrease male sexual performance. In fact, this age range is the second puberty for these Adam. Even so, men do not need to have sex in a fairly frequent frequency, what is needed is a quality and satisfying sex experience. Also, the recommended sex time for couples at the end of 40 years is only twice a week.

The problem actually occurs in women, who generally experience menopause towards the end of their 40s. However, elderly couples, especially men, in fact prefer a lot of play than sex in the sense of penetration. It is said in a study, sex that is dominated by games or foreplay increases sexual fluid both men and women.

Male Sexual Passion Over 40 Years

It is not impossible for men who are over 40 years old, aka “mature” to experience a decrease in libido or sexual desire. This condition is allegedly caused by stress levels which tend to be higher in that age range. Furthermore, an unhealthy lifestyle is taken into account, because men at this age are prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, and cholesterol.

6 Foods That Can Increase Male Libido

Some health experts argue that a decrease in male sexual desire and performance at the age of 40 can have an impact on decreasing the production of the hormone testosterone. However, this one percent reduction every year does not have a big effect on sexual arousal, because even though it decreases, the amount of the male hormone testosterone is still far more than that of women, which is four to five times as much.

Maintain and Increase Sexual Desire

Age does not determine the decline in male sexual desire. However, to make love more satisfying, sexual arousal also needs to be increased, especially for older couples. How to?

1. Reduce Stress

Much at least the production of the hormone testosterone is influenced by how men manage stress. The higher the stress level, the less this hormone production will be. In order for increased sexual arousal, you should fill your mind with happy things.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise is an activity that is not only physically healthy, but also increases sexual arousal and makes men more stamina and last longer in bed. At least, provide 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day. Not only stress and depression, decreased levels of the hormone testosterone can also be caused by fatigue, because the hormone cortisol destroys the hormone testosterone in the body.

3. Get enough rest

Lack of sleep will make the body lose stamina and look sluggish. In addition, mood swings will also easily be followed by an irregular eating pattern, because in order to prevent drowsiness, eating is a choice of activities that are often done. As a result, the body will actually experience diabetes and obesity.

Do This to Increase Male Sexual Stamina

That was a brief review of men’s sexual performance at the age of 40. If you need doctor’s advice regarding sexual relations at an advanced age, just trust it . The Ask a Doctor service in the application will help answer all health problems, including sex. So, immediately download this application on your cellphone!