Here's How to Prevent Sexual Harassment while Watching a Concert

, – The terror of sexual harassment in public places is still rife. Apart from KRL and Trans, music festivals are often the location where sexual harassment is committed. Squeezed breasts, toweled buttocks, and other forms of abuse are committed by individuals who use complexity as their protection.

Shock and questioning whether this is included in the category of harassment is often a burden for the victims. So, when the incident happened there was nothing to do but be quiet and blame yourself. So, can sexual harassment while watching concerts be prevented?

“Speak Up” to Prevent Harassment from Happening

Two years ago, musician Drake stopped a concert when he watched a predator grope a female audience during his concert. Firmly from the stage, Drake rebuked the perpetrator to stop or he would “kick” him out of the venue .

In Indonesia alone, acts of harassment at concerts have been highlighted by Baskara Putra, vocalist of Feast, who proposed an alarm for concert audiences in the form of SOS with gif mode on a red background.

The world needs people “with a voice” to prevent sexual harassment in public places. However, you can’t always expect other people to help when this happens.

Some forms of sexual harassment are:

  1. Creating a state of dependence that demands sexual favors.

  2. Physical acts of sexual violence.

  3. Verbal abuse of a sexual nature.

  4. Unwanted touching or physical contact.

In essence, if you are made to feel uncomfortable with someone saying sexual / inappropriate / doing things like that, either in person or online , this is wrong and you should act to protect yourself.

This Is The Role Of Psychologists For Mental Health

When should you act when you are sexually harassed at a concert? The answer is as fast as possible. In fact, when you feel alert, when someone shows certain signs. You can shout, make aggressive movements, or document them.

Knowing that acts of sexual harassment are increasingly prevalent in public places, including music festivals, should make you more alert and careful. Being a jutek is necessary for self-protection.

Why is it done in a public place?

There are many reasons why a sexual harasser acts in a public place. Some are the passive attitude of women who are judged to be embarrassed when they know that they are being harassed and in crowded situations where the perpetrator can hide himself.

For certain psychological conditions, the perpetrators feel challenged when doing it in a public place, as if they become an abnormal fetish and harm others. According to the results of research published in the Journal of Contemporary Medicine , it is said that education is one way to prevent harassment in public places.

Political Chaos Cause Mental Disorders

Education in the sense of clearly understanding that this uncomfortable situation can happen to anyone at any time, even in a fun place like a music concert. By realizing this, women or anyone else are expected to be alert and not ashamed to speak out about this.

If you need more detailed information about psychological problems or have experienced sexual harassment and need a discussion with a psychologist, contact directly for more detailed information. 

A doctor or psychologist who is an expert in their field will try to provide the best solution for you. To do this, simply download the application via Google Play or the App Store. Through the Contact Doctor feature you can choose when and anywhere to chat via Video / Voice Call or Chat .


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