Here's How To Know Mr. Health Condition. P Your partner

– Have you or your pair ever wondered about Mr. P? Is “he” okay or do you need medical attention? Of course this disturbs your mind, especially for you men. Because the problem that happened to Mr. P can interfere with the comfort of your sexual activity and your partner, it can even interfere with the health of your body, you know!

In addition, how to measure whether the penis is healthy or not, can not only be assessed on the performance during sex in bed, but on how well your penis functions properly in everyday life. Various problems can occur with your penis, such as:

  • Disorders of premature ejaculation, late ejaculation, accompanied by pain and some even cannot ejaculate.
  • Contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and genital herpes.
  • The existence of erectile disorders, for example, being unable to get an erection or an erection with such a fast duration
  • The emergence of swelling, rash, pain and itching which causes inflammation of the head Mr. P.

Besides the health problems mentioned above, then how do you know Mr. P are you okay? Following are the characteristics of Mr. condition. Good P:

Don’t be fooled! Mr. A good P can be seen from the texture that is not smooth. In addition, a healthy penis is characterized by having hair on the shaft that feels like a small lump. However, these lumps will not be a cause for concern as long as they are not large in size and are not red or even irritated. For those of you who experience irritation of the penis and it doesn’t disappear in a period of more than one day, immediately have a discussion with the doctor to ask about Mr. Your P.

It is only natural that Mr. P you are different from the others. The penis size of Indonesians has an average length of about 12 to 19 cm when erect and vice versa, the size of the penis when not having an erection ranges from 5 to 10 cm. During cold weather, the penis will shrink into the body, but will return to lengthening when the temperature has normalized. Please note, the health condition of the penis will experience problems for several reasons, including smoking which can cause erectile dysfunction and experience a reduction in size of up to 1-2 cm.

Mr. color is true. P, which is darker than the owner’s skin color, is a sign that he is in good health? Yes, it turns out that the penis color is one level darker than the owner’s skin color is still fairly healthy. Although normally, a healthy penis color is the same as a person’s skin tone. However, if the color of the skin of your penis or your partner finds a sudden significant discoloration and is followed by pain, it is advisable to talk to your specialist immediately.

A man who experiences stimulation, will certainly ejaculate and release an amount of semen which is usually less than a teaspoon. The fluid that is released during ejaculation generally has a milky white color with various textures, such as looking thicker and even lumpy than usual. This change should not be worried about, because it is influenced by the last nutritional intake before ejaculation and even depends on how much stimulation comes.

Mr. level of sensitivity. P is not only affected by a person’s menopause, you know !. Generally decreased Mr. sensitivity. P is indeed a normal thing as a man gets older. The level of penile sensitivity is also measured by the minimal amount of stimulation felt by the owner. Decrease caused by age, often associated with decreased testosterone levels and changes in androgen receptors, which usually begin to decline at age 25 years. Meanwhile, the most drastic decrease was usually experienced by men aged 65 to 75 years.

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