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Here are 5 Love Languages You Should Know

, – If you have ever searched for tips related to romance on the internet, your online search may lead you to the question “What is the language of your love?” or a quiz about it. So, what exactly is the language of love? Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages , explains that the language of love is a behavior that makes you feel loved. Come on, see more about the language of love and its benefits for a relationship below.

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After years as a couples counselor in crisis, Chapman reveals that what makes someone feel loved is not always the same as other people. In fact, everyone understands and receives love in a certain language, at least through one of the five existing love languages. The other four languages are just as important and offer other ways of expressing love.

Dr. Tina B. Tessina, a psychotherapist and author of the book “ Dr. Romance’s Guide to Finding Love Today ”, also saw the benefits of using love languages to express affection. Understand how you and your partner express love, and understand how the expression of love for you and your partner is different. It can help you to love your partner better, that is, in their favorite way.

According to Chapman, taking the time to learn and really understand your partner’s primary love language, which is often different from your own, can improve communication and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

So, here are 5 love languages you need to know:

1. Words of Affirmation

According to Chapman, there are some people whose love language is words of affirmation. They need to hear their partner say, “I love you.” Better yet, if the love words are accompanied by the reasons behind them that are conveyed via voice mail, love letters, or in person. Words of love from a partner conveyed sincerely with kindness and affirmation can make a person feel loved.

Tessina gave other examples of words of affirmation, such as “thank you”, “you are very kind”, or “I really appreciate what you do.”

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2. Quality Time

This one love language is about giving your partner the full attention you have. This means no distractions from the TV, no distractions from work, or gadgets. You have to give your full attention to your partner.

Spending time with a partner is about being together, caring for one another, sharing something meaningful together, listening and communicating. Another example of having quality time with your partner is preparing dinner together. And while preparing dinner, you and your partner can talk and eat it. You and your partner can also share plans for the future, make love, or create something together.

3. Receiving Gifts

People who have this love language feel loved and cared for when given gifts . In other words, this person needed action or concrete evidence rather than just words.

So, if your partner is someone who likes to receive gifts, choose the right gift that can show that you understand your partner and make the effort to express your love for him or her. Consider giving gifts that your partner likes or asks for or that your partner can enjoy. After that, plan a special way to give the gift to the partner such as making a surprise.

The act of giving gifts can tell your partner that you care enough and make the effort to please him.

4. Actions of Serving

This language includes anything you do to lighten the burden of responsibility, such as vacuuming floors, going grocery shopping or sending thank-you messages. Confused what your partner needs? Chapman suggested, ask your partner what things he likes and that can lighten his burden, then arrange a time to do it.

Examples of simple things you can do for your partner, such as delivering breakfast to bed, taking your pet dog for a walk, and so on.

5. Physical Touch

People who share this love language enjoy all kinds of physical touch, such as holding hands, hugs and pats on the back. Find ways to express your love for your partner by using physical touch, for example hugging them, touching their arms or hands during conversation, offering to massage them, and so on.

According to Tessina, physical touch is the most direct way to communicate love. “As long as it is done in a loving and non-pushy atmosphere, physical touch can be the most effective form of love language. This love language is soothing, healing and reassuring,” he explained.

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Those are 5 love languages that you need to know in order to love your partner even better. If you want to have problems in your relationship with your partner, just tell a psychologist . Contact the doctor via the Chat with A Doctor feature and talk via Video / Voice Call and Chat anytime and anywhere. Come on, download the application now on the App Store and Google Play.

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