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Here are 4 Tricks to Overcome Saturation in Marriage

, – The feeling of saturation that arises in a relationship, especially marriage, is a dangerous thing. Although these feelings are normal and almost certain to happen, boredom in domestic relationships should not be taken lightly. Boredom is a challenge that can arise after marriage and spending years with your partner.

However, do not worry, there are some tips that can be done to “save” Marital and keep him sweet and romantic. There are many things that can be done to kill boredom and make a marriage relationship last, but one basic thing to do when boredom comes is to talk about it. You and your partner must know each other’s problems and exist and find the best solution together!

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Coping with Saturation in Marriage

Deciding to get married and spend time with someone is not easy. At first, marriage may be sweet and filled with love between you and the He. However, in the midst of this love journey, it is very possible that boredom comes and diminishes the existing intimacy.

Even so, quarrels and differences of opinion are normal in the household. However, this still needs to be watched out for, especially if the existing argument starts to cause boredom in the middle of the relationship. One way to make a household last is to continue to maintain intimacy with your partner.

The key to a lasting marriage is communication. When you or your partner starts to feel something is wrong, it’s best to talk about it. Don’t let it build up and make the relationship feel saturated. By talking about problems, you and Your He can find the best solution, so that the relationship will feel warm again.

In addition, there are a number of tricks you can do to maintain intimacy and a harmonious atmosphere with your partner, so that boredom doesn’t interfere. Let you and your partner remain intimate, try to apply these four things!

1. Avoid Complaining

Do not always complain about things that are difficult to “uniform” from the start. In fact, every human being is unique, including you and your partner. Always complaining about the same thing will only make your partner feel bored and unappreciated. If so, arguments will be hard to avoid.

Instead, try to talk about things you don’t like and come up with solutions. The opposite also applies, you can ask your partner to say things that have been bothering him.

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2. Change your perspective

If you’ve been bothered by one thing all this time, think again. Is it really bothersome or are you just looking at it the wrong way? Because, sometimes boredom and boredom can occur, because someone feels tired with their own assumptions. In fact, it is not certain that what you think is the real thing.

3. Old activities feel new

Remember what was the first moment that made you and your partner fall in love with each other? When was the last time you and Si He did this? When boredom starts to bother you, try to go back to doing old hobbies with your partner, and remember things that you used to go through while doing this. Try to have some quality time with your partner.

Spending time with your partner can also be used by doing fun things out of the ordinary, at least once in your life. In addition to making the relationship “fresher”, doing new things with your partner can also increase cohesiveness and ward off boredom.

4. Sports together

What’s more fun than having a healthy relationship and a fit body? You can get it by exercising regularly with your partner. Try taking a specific exercise class with your partner. Exercise can increase the production of the happy hormone, so it is effective in dealing with stress and driving away boredom. Exercising with your partner can also make this activity more enjoyable .

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