Having Sex at an Old Age, Dangerous or Not?

– Not a few are found that older couples do not have sex anymore. Of course, this is based on several things, such as menopause in women, or lack of confidence in men. In fact, the fact is that having sex at an advanced age is more recommended, because this activity will actually make the relationship more harmonious.

Various Benefits of Having Sex in Older Age

In addition to making the pair bond stronger, having sex at an advanced age also provides various benefits for the health of the body. Studies show that older couples who are still having sex have a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease than couples who are no longer having sex.

Not only physical health, still having intimate relationships even though you are no longer young is also good for your partner’s mental health. Evidently, having sex at an older age can reduce stress and depression levels in couples, as well as increase each other’s self-confidence.

Quality is Most Important in Sex in the Elderly

Of course, having sex at a young age and for the elderly is different. If at a young age, the enjoyment of sexual intercourse is based on the quantity or frequency of sex, but not for the elderly. At a fairly old age, his stamina is no longer perfect. So, quality is what determines his enjoyment.

The reason is, often having intimate relationships at a young age will actually have a bad impact on each of them. Also in a study conducted by researchers from Michigan State University, it was said that the quality of having sex is necessary to help manage emotions and increase self-confidence.

Having Sex at an Old Age, Dangerous or Not?

The answer is no, as long as it is done in the right manner and frequency, and not too much. Basically, intimate relationships for the elderly are beneficial to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. However, once again, it was only obtained if the couple had sex on the right frequency.

Couples need to know, the recommended frequency of sex for the elderly is a maximum of two times a week. No more, because having sex too often will actually increase the partner’s risk of coronary heart disease. Why is that?

As age continues to increase, male stamina will naturally decrease, making it more difficult to reach peak enjoyment. In order to get satisfaction in having sex, it is not uncommon for men to take supplements or strong drugs. Consumption of supplements and strong drugs in excessive amounts due to frequent intercourse is what triggers a negative impact on the body.

Actually, having sex at an old age is necessary, in order to support the physical and mental health of a partner. In fact, studies also show that the quality of elderly intimate relationships is much better than at a young age, because once again, young couples only aim for quantity or frequency, not quality.

Taking supplements or strong drugs when having sex so that stamina is maintained is not wrong, as long as the amount does not exceed the recommended dose. Therefore, it is better if you ask a specialist directly through the application . This application can be downloaded directly through the App Store or Play Store. Besides asking the doctor, it can also be used to buy medicines, vitamins, or do routine lab checks without leaving the house.

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