Guide to Healthy Cycling in the New Normal

, – Since the corona pandemic and the implementation of the PSBB, cycling has become a trend again in. Many studios and sports classes have been temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, as an alternative to other sports, many people turn to bicycles. Especially at night, it could be because the road is not as congested as usual.

Although the PSBB was extended until the end of June, the transition period to the new normal is being implemented. maybe it will be as busy as usual when the activity returns to “ new normal “. How about a healthy cycling guide in the new normal ?

Healthy and Safe Cycling in New Normal

According to health data published by the Better Health Channel , it is stated that cycling provides health benefits ranging from controlling weight to reducing stress levels.

WHO New Normal Guidelines in the Middle of the Corona Pandemic

The pandemic that we are currently experiencing should not be an excuse not to exercise. Come on, follow the healthy and safe cycling guide in this new normal :

  1. Using masks and helmets

Safety remains a priority, so always use a mask and helmet when cycling. You can choose a mask made of cloth that is not too tight, so it is comfortable to use and does not make it difficult to breathe.

  1. Maintain cleanliness

Always prioritize cleanliness by always providing hand sanitizers when cycling. Do not touch the face area if it is not needed, touch the area, or foreign objects while you are cycling.

  1. Avoid Crowding

Cycling together for some people is fun, but in this pandemic, you have to put the fun factor aside and focus more on being healthy and safe. You can ride with 2–3 of your friends, but keep your distance and don’t share drinking bottles, towels, or food.

  1. Do not push yourself

In the current pandemic era, it is better if you don’t push yourself because the goal you want to achieve should be to be healthy, not competition. You don’t need to set the target too high, you have to ride a bicycle for some distance or how long. If you are really tired or feeling bad, it’s a good idea to rest at home or do light exercise in the house.

  1. Clean yourself properly

Always make it a habit to immediately take a shower every time you finish cycling. Wet hair, body, and wash thoroughly. Wash clothes that are worn while cycling and do not be worn again. Likewise with the mask. Clean the bicycle handlebar before and after riding, as this is the area you handle the most.

  1. Always Follow Health Protocols

Always use the health protocols issued by the local government or trusted health agencies as a guide when doing activities. You can ask more detailed information about healthy cycling guides in the new normal application .

Doctors who are experts in their fields will try to provide the best solution for you. To do this, simply download via Google Play or the App Store. Through the Contact Doctor feature you can choose to chat via Video / Voice Call or Chat , anytime and anywhere without needing to leave the house.

Simple and Fun Sports Options

As mentioned earlier, cycling has many health benefits. Cycling can protect against serious illnesses, such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

Riding a bicycle is a sport that is healthy, fun and low impact, so it can be done for all ages. Why do people like cycling because this activity is flexible and can be adapted to daily routines.

Loosened PSBB, Here’s Guide to Child Health Care

Especially when there are restrictions on the use of transportation, you can use a bicycle to get to the place you want to go while burning calories. Cycling while paying attention to the surrounding environment, people’s activities, the twinkling of city lights, or the moment of moving from dusk to night can provide a positive mood and eliminate tired thoughts. Come on, try cycling!

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