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Get to know male contraceptives

, – Most people are definitely more familiar with female contraceptives than men. Even though it’s not only women, men also need to use contraceptives if their partners plan to control their offspring. However, most male contraceptives are different from female contraceptives. So, so you know more clearly, let’s look at the following explanation.

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1. Contraceptive Pill

The contraceptive pill is the only type of contraception that can be used by both men and women. Contraceptive pills for men contain peptide compounds that work by stopping the movement of sperm before reaching the egg. Unlike women, male contraceptive pills need to be consumed before having sex with a partner. In women, contraceptive pills generally will affect the menstrual cycle. In men, the pills cause no side effects and return to fertility automatically when not consumed.

2. Condoms

Condoms are one of the most familiar types of contraception. Apart from being able to accommodate sperm from entering the egg, condoms also protect against sexually transmitted diseases , such as herpes and chlamydia. However, you must also pay attention to use so that it is installed correctly. Because, if the condom is not attached properly, pregnancy can happen accidentally. To ensure the safety of condoms, there are several tips that can be done, namely:

  • Use a condom made from latex or polyurethane that is stored in a cool, dry place.

  • Avoid carrying condoms in your wallet as they can be damaged by heat and friction.

  • Check the expiration date on the package to make sure the condom is not too old.

After you have checked the safety, you also need to pay attention to how to use a condom correctly. Place the condom on Mr. P and pinch all the trapped air at the end. Don’t forget to leave a little space to accommodate the sperm. Then, unroll the condom up to the base of Mr. P. For Mr. Uncircumcised P, make sure to pull back the foreskin.

3. Vasectomy

A vasectomy is more commonly known as “male sterilization.” The procedure is done by cutting and closing the tube through which sperm is passed from the testes, where sperm are produced. That said, vasectomy is the most effective way of contraception among others. Another plus, vasectomy is cheaper and will not affect the ejaculation of men and partners.

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In every advantage, of course, there are drawbacks. Men who have undergone sterilization may never have children again. Men also still need to use condoms to prevent the transmission of sexual infections. A vasectomy also has a low risk of causing swelling, bleeding, infection, and other complications.

4. Intercourse Disconnected

Coitus interuptus or interrupted intercourse is a traditional contraceptive that has been around for a long time. This method is actually not very effective and less fun for men because the penis needs to be pulled out of the vagina before ejaculation.

Whether this method is effective or not depends on whether the man is doing it right. Because if not done properly, pregnancy is still possible. Men must immediately get Mr. P so that no sperm enter or in the vagina of the partner. They must also time correctly and quickly. This method is certainly quite difficult to do for young men who have not had much sexual experience

5. Testosterone injection

Testosterone has an important role in producing sperm count. Testosterone injections aim to minimize or eliminate sperm count. The results showed that a number of men who injected testosterone did not fertilize their partners. However, the side effects are acne and sexual changes, considering that testosterone also plays a role in regulating male libido levels .

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If you have problems with sperm production that affect your libido level, it’s best to check with your doctor to find out the underlying cause. You can immediately make an appointment with a doctor at the hospital via the application . Easy right? Come on, download the application now on the App Store and Google Play.