From Saturation to Revenge, This is the Reason for Cheating Couples

, – There are many words that can describe cheating. If you are, what comes out when you hear that word? Furious, resigned, disappointed, actor, crocodile, blind love, bad luck, or maybe fate? Or even all of them?

Cheating is arguably the simplest and most effective formula to base a relationship. Romance and trust that have been built up over the years, even decades, can be messed up in a short time because of cheating.

The question is, what is the reason for someone to betray their partner? If the reason is limited to physical, it is not quite right. Take the case of Brad Pitt. The famous Hollywood celebrity had an affair with his partner, Jennifer Aniston. Maybe Jennifer’s beautiful face isn’t enough to keep Brad Pitt from moving to Angelina Jolie.

So, what is the excuse or reason for someone cheating? Don’t let your forehead continue to wrinkle. The chemistry of love holds thousands of questions, and of course, mysteries.

Is it true that the feeling of love is just a game of hormones?

More Men Cheating, Really?

Basically, no wife or husband intends to cheat. When the affair occurs, it can be called “kepeleset”. Experts say, the main factor is simple, namely saturation! Hmm, keeping your partner loyal is tricky, easy to say, but hard to put into practice. Then, which one do you think, women or men who often slip into the world of adultery?

Well, according to the results of the Married Sex Survey 2013 survey from iVillage, men are more likely to cheat in their marriages than women. The number of men who cheat reaches 28 percent. The fair sex blasphemes, “You man, land crocodile!” Hey, wait a minute, don’t be gender biased. The woman in the survey also admitted to having an affair. The figure is 13 percent.

Learn from history, honorable women like the Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, have also been involved in infidelity to the point of death. Death in the literal sense, you know. Queen of Scots was executed by Queen Elizabeth I for alleged treason. Tragic, huh?

Well, in conclusion, both men and women have the potential to cheat. Agree?

The explanation of why cheating is a disease that is difficult to heal

“One Thousand and One” Reasons for Cheating

The problem now is, why do people cheat? When collected, there will be containers of reasons. Ranging from very general to very subjective in nature. Even so, through various studies, experts have at least succeeded in uncovering some of the reasons someone cheats.

So what is the “X” factor that makes them trapped in the romance of an affair? For women there are many problems and driving factors.

  • Feeling disrespected.

  • Desiring more intimacy.

  • Have excessive expectations on their partner, but are not fulfilled.

  • Chased by another man.

  • Unfulfilled sexual desire.

  • Feel lonely.

  • Reduced emotional attachment.

  • Husbands who do not want to help with household chores.

  • Revenge for equalizer.

  • Motivational change.

It’s painful, these 5 things could be reasons for divorce

Another woman, another reason men are desperate to enter into the drama of an affair. In The Journal of Sex Research, most men cheat because of reduced love. Well, this isn’t solely their fault, but you as a woman can also cause your partner’s love to fade.

Here are some factors that can trigger a man to play over.

  • Immaturity, due to lack of experience in committed relationships.

  • Drug, alcohol, or sex addiction problems.

  • Unfulfilled sexual desire.

  • Insecurity, such as not feeling handsome, rich, smart, and so on.

  • Have experienced physical or emotional abuse.

  • Selfish, his main consideration is for himself.

  • Feeling privileges that other men may not have, so feel free to get “rewards” outside of the main relationship.

  • Unfulfilled sexual desire.

  • Unrealistic expectations of a partner.

  • Anger or revenge.

It’s hard to guess isn’t it, why men and women cheat? The thing to remember, each individual is created with a very specific character and uniqueness. Therefore, there are “a thousand and one” reasons someone has an affair.

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