Friends With Benefits, Can Friends Last?

– Classic indeed, but basically friends or friends are indeed a place to share joy and sorrow. Even according to psychologists, friendship is the key to our success in all aspects of life.

Hmmm, the real issue is not what will be discussed. But something that is much deeper and complex. What happens if a man and woman make friends with sexual attraction? Don’t let your forehead continue to wrinkle. The chemistry of love and sex holds thousands of questions, and of course mysteries.

Talking about this, there are various terms that are often used. Starting from friends with benefits (FWB) , no strings attached, friends but intimate , there is even a harsher “terminology”, namely sex bodies.

Basically it is clear, this situation is against the norms and culture in our country. However, we can’t close our eyes and be too naive. Because, this phenomenon may occur in the environment around you. Those in this relationship generally tend to be closed off. Fear that the people on either side of him will give lopsided arguments, even judgmental.

No Covenant, No Shackles

Those who apply this bond are arguably somewhat doubtful about the issue of love. For example, as Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher felt in the film No Strings Attached or Friends with Benefits , starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.

It is as if the minds of men and women who undergo this symbiosis of mutualism, are like what the British novelist Amy Jenkins said.

I don’t believe in romance and love. It is just the instantaneous feeling of hormones and chemicals that drive us to have sex. Nothing more mystical than the nicotine in the cigarette you smoke , “

Friends with benefits and their friends involve physical intimate contact, without attaching any commitment to it. In short, each party does not reject the physical relationship offered by the partner. I wish, you don’t need to fall in love with each other and have complicated relationships.

Again, although this is against our norms and culture, but outside, especially in Western countries, this phenomenon is so prevalent. Those who practice it may feel bored and disgusted by “conventional” relationships. In other words, many are disappointed with the dating pattern that tends to tie or shackle because of various kinds of contracts and obligations.

Now, back to the question above, what happens when men and women make friends with sexual attraction? Is it true that this sincere friendship can last or is the opposite, ending in loneliness, disappointment, and even heartbreak?

The Unexpected End

It’s not a scientist if you can’t uncover the facts behind a phenomenon. Apparently, this can be explained in a scientific perspective. There are interesting studies that you can look at on this issue. This research, which came from experts at Purdue University and Syracuse University, United States, was a topic at a scientific conference in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

The subject of his study is about the Scientific Study of Sexuality’s . According to experts, about 70 percent of people in FWB circles can save their friendship, if they stop having sex.

At the scientific conference, Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., from Purdue University who was involved in the study, presented a unique chat. The theme is “ Can Friends Who Have Sex Stay Friends? ” He and his colleagues conducted a study to see what happened to 200 FWB pairs through an online survey of about 11 months. The results?

Based on this research, about 26 percent of research subjects remained in a relationship with FWB. Meanwhile, at least 28 percent of them returned to being ordinary friends, without any sexual ties . Unfortunately, only about 15 percent of them make it into real, committed romantic partners.

While the other 31 percent had to bite their fingers, they had to be willing to end their relationship, not their boyfriends or friends. If the title song says from US country singer , Timothy McGraw, “ Forget About Us!

In conclusion, if you hope that your partner will become your true love one day, it is unlikely that will happen. These findings also suggest that there is a lot that could go on behind a friends romance with benefits.

But once again, don’t dream that this relationship will end in happiness. Because in fact, the story of friends with benefits that ends in a happy ending is only in the film. For example, No Strings Attached, or the film Friends with Benefits itself.

Hmmm, maybe those who carry out this relationship of love without ties, agree with the words of the famous actor, director and writer, Woody Allen. He said, “ Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go it’s pretty damn good .”

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