Forms of Sexual Harassment You Need to Know

, – Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, including men and women. Quoted from Komnas Perempuan’s article on forms of sexual harassment, sexual harassment is defined as sexual acts through physical or non-physical touch targeting the sexual organs or sexuality of the victim.

Several cases of sexual harassment are often ignored and considered trivial by the perpetrators. In fact, this behavior certainly cannot be tolerated. Not a few victims of sexual harassment have experienced prolonged trauma. The following are forms of sexual harassment that need to be watched out for.

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Forms of Sexual Harassment

Until now, many people do not understand what behaviors fall into the category of sexual harassment. The following categories of sexual harassment are worth knowing:

  1. Teasing Behavior

Flirting behavior is characterized by sexual behavior that is offensive, inappropriate, and unwanted by the victim. For example, teasing someone to make them uncomfortable, forcing someone to do things they don’t like, and other suggestions that someone doesn’t deserve or want.

  1. Sexual Offenses

This behavior is in the form of serious sexual offenses such as touching, feeling or grabbing, as well as sexual assault that is inappropriate or desired by someone.

  1. Gender Harassment

This behavior is in the form of sexist statements that insult or demean someone because of their gender. For example, derogatory comments, derogatory pictures or writing, lewd jokes or jokes about sex.

  1. Sexual Coercion

This behavior is related to sex with the threat of punishment. This means that a person is forced to do the behavior he does not want. If not, he is threatened with certain punishment. This could include revocation of job promotions, negative job evaluations, threats to personal or family safety, to threats of terror and murder.

  1. Sexual Bribery

This behavior is in the form of a request for sexual activity with the promise of an overt reward. For example, a woman / man invites a child to have an intimate relationship with the lure of money, as long as he does not tell anyone else.

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Sexual harassment can also be differentiated according to their behavior. Launching from the Rainn Organization, forms of sexual harassment according to their behavior, namely:

  • Sexual comments and jokes about a person’s body;
  • Whistling to others in public;
  • Invites to have sex or other sexual acts;
  • Spread rumors about other people’s sexual activities;
  • Touching oneself sexually in front of others;
  • Talking about his own sexual activities in front of other people;
  • Sexual touch, which is touching someone’s body without permission;
  • Show other people sexual images, videos, stories, or objects.

If you are facing any of the situations above, here are some actions you can take.

Tips for Coping with Sexual Harassment

Allowing sexual harassment is not a good solution. No matter how small it is, sexual harassment should not be tolerated. Here’s what you can do if you are faced with sexual harassment:

  • If you are asked for sex, say a firm “no.”
  • Find out who is responsible for addressing sexual harassment in your area. This is done to prevent future cases of the same abuse.
  • Don’t keep experiences of sexual harassment alone. Tell the closest person or trusted person. This method is done to get moral support from others and to protect others from becoming the next victim.
  • If you experience psychological stress after dealing with sexual harassment, talk to a psychologist / psychiatrist immediately.

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If you need to talk about sexual harassment with a psychologist / psychiatrist , you can use the app . Through the application , you can contact a psychologist / psychiatrist via Chat , and Voice / Video Call .


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