Foreplay Tricks for Quality Intimate Relationships

, – Foreplay is what can make intercourse sessions feel longer. Foreplay sessions can also increase trust, intimacy, and joy between you and your partner.

Even so, creating quality intimate relationships with foreplay is not something easy. Are there any foreplay tricks that can be done? B erikut are a few tricks and incredible fun that will make you and your partner are more creative and intimate connection session was more qualified.

1. Change Routines with Foreplay

Usually most couples are used to having sex in the bedroom. To make it feel more spontaneous and sexy, try starting an intimate relationship somewhere other than the bedroom. Trying foreplay in every corner of the house is one interesting foreplay idea to build passion.

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2. Replay the Most Passionate Moment

For quality intimate relationships, you can recreate good memories with your partner. Try to think about one of the best nights you have sex with your partner. Start the night the same way you did then. Put on the clothes you were wearing again and do the same movements as you did before.

3. Start with a Sexy Conversation

Starting a sexy conversation will always be successful in helping you create quality intimate relationships. Especially if you have learned how to communicate with your partner or partner in a way that you and your partner like. Sexy chat is one of the foreplay ideas that can guarantee quality intercourse sessions.

4. Touching Erotic Points Other Than Intimate Areas

Try to avoid touching the intimate area but touch the partner in the erotic points such as the groin, lower ribs, hips, chest, neck, and armpits. These small and gentle touches can provide mutual sensation for your partner, you know.

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5. Making love while listening to songs

Have you ever tried it? It could be that this foreplay trick makes the sensation of having sex even more quality ! Of course, with the right song selection, yes. Some songs that are suitable for intercourse OST are Je t’aime Moi Non Plus sung by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, Versace on Te Floor by Bruno Mars or Insatiable by Darren Hayes. You can choose your favorite song according to your taste.

6. Enter the Foreplay Session

When entering a foreplay session, do it as naturally as possible without pretense. You can make intercourse sessions longer by not having intercourse immediately, instead by building it up with foreplay . Don’t forget beforehand to wear the best clothes so that the intercourse session will be better.

7. Variation is key

The key to having an intimate relationship so that it is always hot lies in variety. Try various things to improve your intimate life. Different foreplay ideas for each time will make the passion even more burning. Try exploring how different sensations of experience feel, or contribute to increasing the interaction between you and your partner.

Instead of thinking about specific foreplay ideas, try to start thinking about how something might feel more fun. Experiment with different temperatures, environments, weather, taking risks that make you comfortable, how to talk to one another, and even explore different intimate positions. This experimental foreplay idea will help you enjoy a developing intimate life for a long time.

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